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Found a good source for chemistry data - lots of stats not found elsewhere easily

RogueRose - 26-4-2018 at 01:18

I happened to come across this site while searching for solubility of NaClO3 in methanol which I couldn't find on any other site online (could say more about my search technique though). It is a Russian site, but it has a lot in English, or it translates automatically. It is also possible to view the site through Google Translate.

What I found is that it has the solubility amounts for a lot of compounds in a wide list of solvents, much more in depth than Wiki.

Site translated through Google Translate

Compound Database - search for a compound (4559 to be exact) just type the name or formula

Direct link to site - in Russian (in case the above link stops working for some reason)

Link to Google translate

Velzee - 26-4-2018 at 07:23

Thank you for this! Really neat honestly.

chemister2015 - 1-2-2019 at 01:50

It's my site.

morganbw - 1-2-2019 at 06:03

Quote: Originally posted by chemister2015  
It's my site.

Nicely done.
I also bookmarked you, I think my only bookmark in Russian? maybe:)

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chemister2015 - 2-2-2019 at 04:44

If you have questions about the site, I can answer.