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Discovery Of 1st New Blue Pigment In 200 Years

madcedar - 17-5-2018 at 23:58

Milton-Harris Professor of Materials Science Mas Subramanian has accidentally found the first new blue pigment in 200 years.


j_sum1 - 18-5-2018 at 02:28

I thought this seemed familiar.
Two years ago on the same news site:

Apparently the discovery was 2009.

And surely it is not the only blue in 200y. Maybe the only stable nontoxic inorganic blue in 200y?...

madcedar - 18-5-2018 at 05:15

Good pick up j_sum1. 200+/-10 years, who's counting? It's for a blue pigment that gives permanent colour, not a dye. That's why it blew :D out to 200 years.

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[Edited on 18-5-2018 by madcedar]