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Periodic Table

raistlin - 9-7-2002 at 10:10

Hey does anyone know where I can get an up to date periodic table? I have been looking online for a while and I havent been able to find a periodic table that is up to date....

Thanks Again


plasma - 15-7-2002 at 06:33

Try this page,

raistlin - 15-7-2002 at 07:26

Thanks man, this site is really usefull.


BrAiNFeVeR - 16-7-2002 at 11:22

I really like the one from , as it comes in an easy printable format (pdf).

My current background is based on the periodic table from webelements:

The site also contains alot of info on the elements that's not on the chemicalelements site, but they are both good ...

BrAiNFeVeR - 16-7-2002 at 11:24

Something has gone very wrong with that url, it's supposed to be:

raistlin - 16-7-2002 at 14:32

This one doesnt work either...


BrAiNFeVeR - 17-7-2002 at 03:54


It was a html thingy I think, the above should work (crossing fingers)

Why does the hyperlink button resets entire message ????

raistlin - 17-7-2002 at 08:50


Nils - 31-7-2002 at 04:01