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Cinnamaldehyde as Insecticide/Fungicide

tupence_hapeny - 26-5-2007 at 03:24

I am in two minds as to whether this belongs here at all, nonetheless, as I am currently investigating the potential of purified cinnamaldehyde/eugenol mixtures for these uses - I feel that here is the 'most' appropriate place.

I have encountered several articles on the use of either cinnamaldehyde or eugenol (and even a 50:50 mix of both for wood preservation) as fungicides, insecticides & repellants. I would like to examine the use of the same on an actual commercial basis (ie. import the oils, purify, package and onsell the result).

(1) It appears that some form of stabilization would be necessary or at least desirable. What sorts of compounds could be used to this effect?

(2) Any information or suggestions as to potential uses for the individual purified oils (or the mixtures);

(3) Any and all useful articles or reports on the use of the same; and finally

(4) Any and all useful information on the most effective and commercially useful (small industrial scale preferred) purification techniques.

Preferentially, the end-products would (as I envisage at least) be marketed as an environmentally benign wood treatment, organic mosquito repellent (actually repels Ades Aegypti - vector of Malaria, Dengue & Ross River), etc.

All assistance gratefully received,


tr41414 - 26-5-2007 at 12:49

Cinnamaldehyde seems to be safe for use, but i have some doubts that eugenol would go as an insect repellant, mainly because it is irritant and causes numbing (used in dentistry ?)

1 : hmmm, some antioxidant maybe?
2&3 : more than 100 patents on that i think...
4 : automated vacuum distillation

Good idea there :D

tupence_hapeny - 26-5-2007 at 13:12

Yeah, I am aware of the patents, let us see what a (no false modesty) rather artful practititioner of the gentle art of weaseling deception can do to copy their work without needing to pay any fucking royalties ;)

An accidental discovery, along the lines of 'whoops, I mixed these two oils and this happened' seems like a great place to start. Of course, once set up I am not averse to paying royalties, however, at start-up where money is tight - NO FUCKING WAY...

Some studies have it in mild amounts as a 'radical scavenger' with eugenol in that use (they also use some others), however, where patents use naturally occurring ingredients Courts are slow to read a general patent as applying to 'accidental' mixtures of the same - as such accidents can and do legitimately happen - consequently nobody can patent the idea of cleaning with water - although they can patent certain specific aspects of additional materials used for the same. The fine art of dodging liability is even more fun than its cousin, the art of drafting shit.

The lawyers who wrote the patents have one legal opinion, I of course have another - let the sneakiest man win:cool:

jon - 26-5-2007 at 14:31

I like your approach, where you see the sign that says no right hand turn you use the left hand to turn right correct?

tupence_hapeny - 26-5-2007 at 14:52

The rather ambiguous statement, vis-a-vis the abolition of right-turns, is (despite it being expressed in unambiguous language) rather too widely expressed - is it intended to serve as a blanket prohibition upon right-hand turns in their entirety? Of course not, if that were so that would require express, statutory statement to that effect. That being so, I am free to proceed as if the non-effective portion of the provision is non-existent (which in law is the same thing) - couch a prohibition or exclusion too widely and it is a nullity, simply by the application of the principles relating to the fact that it would bring about an absurd result - which it was obviously never intended that it should.

Obfuscation... Such a simple idea - watch any competent lawyer twist the shit out of anything - you must remember all such cases are decided by the 12 normal citizens who were too fucking dumb to think of a reason why they couldn't do jury duty - they are not difficult to confuse - which as the defendant is a very good thing...;)

jon - 26-5-2007 at 18:03

yeah last time they sent me a paper for jury duty it asked my race so I indicated I was white and very proud of that fact.

Filemon - 27-5-2007 at 04:24

Can it become purified for crystallization? cinnamaldehyde mp -7.5, eugenol mp -9.2