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vulture - 22-8-2003 at 12:12

The board has an option to send newsletters and I am willing to put some effort into composing them.

This all sounds neat 'n stuff, but I have absolutely NO clue what should be in it?

Ideas welcome.

vulture - 23-8-2003 at 11:11

Come on! Show me what you think!

Some people have been asking for newsletters but now suddenly the taste for more is gone? :(

IPN - 23-8-2003 at 13:14

Although I'm just a newbie on this (very good) board I would be very intrested in a newsletter.

NERV - 23-8-2003 at 13:36

This definitely sounds like a good idea! You could put in things on different discussions on the board, and what kind of stuff they turned up. You could also put in stuuf on new developments in the chemicale world that would apply to amature chemistry.

raistlin - 23-8-2003 at 13:49

Sounds like good idea vulture. Things such as new synths, OTC information, events, etc. Also, if you need any help with it, let me know. For almost all of September Im going to be lying around doing nothing, so I may as well but my time to good use:)

vulture - 24-8-2003 at 03:07

Okay, any help is welcome, but first let's define this thing a bit properly.

It's not supposed to be a newsletter that drops every single discovery of the last month into your inbox.

The largest part of the content should be about the board.
Maybe use it to revive or remind people of threads which have bleeded out?

Lugh - 24-8-2003 at 05:36

Perhaps highlight the main discussions of the past month/ 2 months whatever.
Maybe a whats new section - perhaps people could send in articles they have found in journals, magazines etc.
What about a member of the month, weirdo of the month (plenty of competition :D)?
Maybe people could write up experiments they have ben doing and placed in the newsletter.
I suppose there is a limitless number of things you could do.

Just thought, any good artists out there - a funnies section?

vulture - 24-8-2003 at 12:09

Listen, I intend to keep the newsletter under 3 pages. That's my ball park. Otherwise it becomes one of those mails you recieve everymonth which you don't read because they seem to be novels.

I don't think a funnies section is a good idea, we have whimsy for that. The newsletter should not replace the forum.

I will have plenty of time after september 4th, maybe one of you could make a beta newsletter, so we can see what you would put into it?

Blind Angel - 24-8-2003 at 13:12

A synth/chem of the month. Celebrating the chem that we have been able to isolate the best this month or the synth that we most developed this month. And a goal for the next month

raistlin - 24-8-2003 at 13:59

Well, I can start to make a rough outline if its needed. Is there any particular program you want to have used?

vulture - 25-8-2003 at 08:44

No, as long as the format will not be fucked up when transmitted through HTTP/email.

raistlin - 25-8-2003 at 09:00

Alright, Ill see what I can do. Its only going to be a rough outline, not really a newsletter, more less just something for you to get an idea of what we can do with it.

raistlin - 9-9-2003 at 18:46

K Vulture, I will be starting to really work on the newsletter big time this saturday... that is, if the drugs they give me after me surgery arent strong enough to knock me out;)