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cldahl - 15-9-2003 at 10:20

I'm trying to figure out the name of this compound which I am using as a stop solution. Does anybody know the name of this chemical (common or other)? What are some of the other uses of this chemical


NOT (NH4)2 SO4


chemoleo - 15-9-2003 at 14:33

All I can help you with is this -
it possibly is the the sulphate *ester* of hydroxylamine, i.e.
H2N-O-SO2-OH. However, your formula NH2SO4 would not fit the bill, as there is one H missing.
Another possibility is the ion of this, i.e.
[H2N-O-SO2-O]- Na+ . In other words, the ionic salt of the above. However this is speculation, so take it as you may :)
Lol, and for amusement's sake, it could also be the peroxide ion of the amidosulphonate
[H2N-SO2-OO]- Na+, of which I am sure it doesnt exist... .or does it?

PS Just searched the Online Merck Index for NH2SO4, but didnt find any hits. where did you hear of this compound???? Stop solution for what?

Madog - 15-9-2003 at 16:21

it doesnt exhist

you must mean NH2HSO4 - sulfamic acid


chemoleo - 15-9-2003 at 17:02

yepp, exactly what I've been thinking...

BromicAcid - 15-9-2003 at 18:35

I searched for it for a bit and what came up a lot was nH2SO4 as in a variable amout of sulfuric acid and in some cases it was refering to normality.

vulture - 16-9-2003 at 00:22

Stop solution? What is that?

Nick F - 16-9-2003 at 08:26

"Stop Solution" sounds familiar to me...
Is it related to photo development? Ie, to stop the development before the image becomes too dark or something?

JustMe - 16-9-2003 at 14:57

NH2SO4? Huh? Never heard of anything with that formula, so this question had me very curious. I too, have heard of stop solution in the photographic context. I think it's an old name for "fixer." Anyway, a couple of google searches later, and I've found that this refers to a sulfuric acid solution used in biological assays. Not "NH2SO4", that is just shorthand for 1N H2SO4, or 1 N (normal) solution. So it refers to a 1N concentration of Sulfuric Acid. At least that's what I found. So it looks like "BromicAcid" is right on the money.

chemoleo - 16-9-2003 at 16:13

wow very smart. bet u are right! good job :)