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Nitramine synthisis

Madog - 21-9-2003 at 07:08

I hear it has a VoD of ~7000m/s, haven't looked anything up on it though...

i was thinking from nitrourea NH2-CO-NHNO2

react it with high concentration HNO3 and H2SO4 at tempratures from 40-100C

the HNO3 oxidises the CO group, so the molecule breaks apart, then the NH2 is oxidised by the HNO2 to water and N2O(this does happen)

then you have the -NHNO2 and that gets hit with a H+ and it turns to NH2-NO2

heres my backup:

the CO group is oxidised to CO2 and then one of the NH2s is oxidised to water and N2O, the other NH2- gets with a H+ to make NH3 which reacts with the h2SO4 to give that ammonium sulfate.

i havent read that entire link because im a litte lazy


maybe the temprature being too high and the nitramine decomposeing, maybe the nitramine group being oxidised, hydrolisis of it also, but with all the H2SO4 there it should be okay(i hope) and then the problem of getting it out of all that acid, i dont know much about it's properties.

i predict it will be shot down somehow

let me hear what you have to say!

Madog - 21-9-2003 at 11:51


page 369 of COPAE.

it explodes on contact with concentrated sulfuric acid. ah well.

KABOOOM(pyrojustforfun) - 21-9-2003 at 20:20

you need to first make DNU then hydrolyze it. I think NU works as well but hydrolysis is slow. I once tried DNU starting with H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>-NaNO<sub>3</sub> chiled to 0°C then slowly added the powdered urea keeping T @ 0-5°C with rapid stirring. it tended to a very thick and hard bubling slush. after adding ice water I got a white precipitate. I then took it outa ice bath, after each 30 min when shaking the beaker few small bubbles formed after 24 hour leaving it outside there was still a fair amount of crystals! I filtered the crystals and passed some water through it, but the crystals disappeared I think I got NU instead of DNU, next time I'll use more sulfuric.

Madog - 22-9-2003 at 11:05

nitrourea decomposes to nitroamine and cyanic acid, i just read in COPAE.

edit: just realised that the statement taht used to be the begining of this post was wrong and had no value

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NERV - 22-9-2003 at 15:36

I cant remmber where I found this PDF, but it has some pretty useful information on nitramide syths in it.

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Madog - 22-9-2003 at 15:53


i think if i dislve NU in water it will make the cyanuric acid and NH2-NO2 which will then make
O // NH2=N \ OH

sodium cyanurate is pretty insol. so i hope most of that will precipitate out and i hope the salt of the acid pictured above wont. then add a solublelead salt...

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