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Author: Subject: Disgusting cover-up Attempt - READ THIS

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[*] posted on 21-8-2010 at 16:50

Quote: Originally posted by quicksilver  

So the intent is selective; with actual "simple possession" cases being low.....HOWEVER, if someone smokes marijuana and to them a quarter pound will see them through several months; the law sees that as distribution weight and prosecutes beyond a possession beef. Therefore if we get sticky about definitions, the state can say; "we don't put simple possession through incarceration agenda" -- "but we DO put dealers in prison".

Damn and my cannabis using friends bitch about the fact that they can only legally own two pounds of buds unless their doc says they need more.
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Hazard to Others

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[*] posted on 26-8-2010 at 03:43

Is that part about the TLC plates true? If so this is a fuckin disgrace and this analyst deserves to be locked up and never allowed to work in LE again. I've heard many stories about legitimate chemists being raided in Australia but this one takes the cake. They allowed an analyst that didn't know how to read a TLC plate on the case? Stories like this inspire me to think about getting into forensic chemistry once I've got my BSc. so I can do my part to ensure people stop getting prosecuted for crimes they didn't commit. I know very little about GS or MS but since I've done a bit of TLC myself I can see how insane it is that they tried to cover that up by saying it was a legitimate mistake on the part of the analyst.

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