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Author: Subject: On equipment material to handle energetics
National Hazard

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[*] posted on 24-3-2020 at 07:43
On equipment material to handle energetics

When handling energetic compunds, sometimes you are forced to use put it into a container without a solvent dilutant. To minimize danger i have heard and always tried to follow the rule to never use glass to contain energetics because if an accident happens deadly glass shrapnel will result.

Now that i am forced to use some kind of inert container for an upcoming project involving an energetic compound i am starting to doubt if it actually matters. Would not glass shatter into dust if an explosion occured? PTFE, the only alternative known to me seems equally or more dangerous since it too could create shrapnel. And for those who can chose HDPE for similar procedures the danger is maybe even greater because this plastic has a density not far from that of human flesh and it is not electrically conductive meaning it is next to impossible to remove shrapnel because there is no simple way to find it (neither x-ray nor metal detector would work).

Is there any truth to this or are these just myths? What is proper practice?
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National Hazard

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[*] posted on 24-3-2020 at 08:20

I think you're overtaking this. It depends what explosives are you going to deal with.

I have stored EGDN in plastic syringes and RDX in glass bottle for months. Everything was just fine.
I have quite big bunch of HMTD in glass bottle too even though it's very delicate and it hasn't ever exploded as well.

You have to know that highly energetic materials are not so easy exploding. Take little amount of for example nitroglycol and hit it with hammer. You'll see how hard you must to hit for it ot explode. That's why detonator are used to start explosion. You must be careful of course but don't demonize it.
I know only one material that fits your description and you shouldn't even store it, it's lead styphnate.

Just put your material in a place where it is stable and that's it.

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