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Author: Subject: Forbidden Knowledge!
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[*] posted on 28-6-2020 at 11:33

Good and rare drugs made by skilled chemists are usually not intended for the market, most of these drugs are entirely unheard of in the black market even.
Maybe known by some drug nerds who are not chemists, but only in theory, they could never get their hands on stuff like that.
Why sell anything if you can have it instead, use it, and never have to worry about anything like getting problems with the law?
I leave these sorrows for the people who think they need to sell themselves out with that.
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[*] posted on 28-6-2020 at 14:16

Quote: Originally posted by morganbw  
Perhaps they might enjoy or potentially share with someone close.

If you make a personal batch of illegal drugs, keep it personal, do not share it with anyone. That is how you get caught.

Police are not omnipotent or magicians with x-ray vision, they have no way of knowing if someone is growing shrooms in their closet. Buying vermiculite and mason jars is not good enough evidence alone for a judge to sign a search warrant

that all changes once you show the drugs to anyone else. Distribution is how ppl get caught. The popo just doesn't want drugs being spread around to everyone in town.

The sad truth is, most friends and SOs would throw you under the bus if it got them a reduced jail sentence.

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[*] posted on 28-6-2020 at 19:46

@Karlos: Ephedrine from yeast.
Read about something like that in an old industrial chem book, but never heard of anybody making it work at home.
Well done you.

@Yttrium2: Please don't make PMA unless it's just for the chemistry practice.
That stuff seems to have a pretty bad reputation, but the worst reports were a form called 'chicken yellow' , which, being yellow, had who knows what else in there.
Still its credited with a lot more death and damage than most party drugs.

@Cou: Do people really still grow mushrooms on media in mason jars?
Those elephant dung loving shrooms are finicky. (Cubensis?)

They need to be grown like a homunculus in a jar whereas Psilocybe Cyanescens has an aggressive mycelium that can resist most competitors (Molds, etc) and grow quite happily outdoors in a decent climate. No sterile media, no autoclaving.

On the San Francisco bay peninsula I see cyanescens on lawns, under bushes, they even come up in potted plants.
But mostly on wood chips.

Warning: they also look like galerina autumnalis, so screwing up the collection means a slow painful death or a liver transplant.

Oh well, same danger if you make pasta with amanita calypratoderma and those are not magic, just magically delicious.

Does watching Unbreakable make you feel like Bruce Willis, or Samuel L Jackson?
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