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Author: Subject: Anyone here in a lab that works with Coronavirus?
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[*] posted on 19-7-2020 at 22:01
Anyone here in a lab that works with Coronavirus?

A long shot but written in desperation.

A friend of mine has developed some materials which he believes will prevent fomite-based transmission of the virus from contact with infected surfaces. His materials are inexpensive, non-toxic and easy to retrospectively apply to existing surfaces.

He can't afford the prices that commercial labs are charging for tests of his material against the virus. Basically he is looking for tests of virus survival rates vs. time on his materials.

If anyone here can do the work, the only thing he can offer is public recognition by you being the first author of a publication regarding the materials.
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[*] posted on 13-8-2020 at 19:15

Depends. Are his treatments based on Llama snot? Lots of folks interested in that approach right now.

Llamas, Camels, and what-not, make a smaller than human-type antibody, called a "Nano-body". It appears that some of these Nanobodies, bind up Covid-19 virions, with a vise-like grip, on their penile implements. Thereby, neutralizing them. These nano-bodies might be fairly easy to mass produce.

Guys out there are working on a nano-body nasal-spray. Don't know if it will work in humans. Always possible it will be effective against Covid 19, but be very dangerous to use, due to allergic reactions. Also possible it will be ineffective in vivo.

Needs testing in people, but the guys working on it are at major universities, so they have resources.

If your friend has something to say he had better spit it out. I don't know what he is up to, or how lasting this treatment is, but extensive material has been published about treating surfaces, to neutralize Covid-19.

Dilute Chlorox, Iodine, Copper, Silver, and on and on. Unfortunately, an awful lot of transmission, has been via aerosols. Folks didn't need to touch anything or eat anything. Just a few minutes of friendly conversation with an infected asymptomatic individual, and Shazam! Very catchy.

Impregnate an N95 mask with Iodine, and it should sterilize itself. Wear treated gloves, and you won't be touching things and spreading the virus around.

Llama snot!

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