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Author: Subject: Vampire flies
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[*] posted on 26-9-2020 at 07:24
Vampire flies

When I was in central Florida if I got a slight scratch in my garden within a minute or two there would one or more small (about 1mm long) flies on the wound busily harvesting the blood or plasma. I was amazed by how quickly they arrived for their meal.

Today in the UK while loading the car a got what I thought was a scratch on the back of my hand that started to bleed. I few minutes later I noticed what looked like a small horsefly next to the wound. It was busily moving its proboscis round to suck up my blood. I have been bitten by horseflies several times particularly over this summer. Perhaps it was not a scratch but a bite from the horsefly.

Apparently in 2018 the UK was invaded by foreign horseflies and people have been calling them Vampire flies. They do like drinking blood.

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Thank goodness for Fleming and the fungi.
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[*] posted on 26-9-2020 at 09:08

We have these that sometimes send you running certain times of the year in the woods and hiking trails at the university near me.

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How to fight back ...

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[*] posted on 26-9-2020 at 12:07

"Vampire Flies."
Sounds like the title of a 50s B movie.

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