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Author: Subject: NO2 oxidizer in gas explosion?
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[*] posted on 8-10-2020 at 06:43
NO2 oxidizer in gas explosion?

so, one time i had a 250mL flask with a bit of ~70% HNO3 left in it, but there was also some NO2, so i decided to take a bit of 80mesh magnesium dust onto a spatula, ignite it and put it into the flask which was sideways. nothing happened, so i started moving it about to maybe kickstart the reaction
not quite a chessmove- some of the dust fell off and down into the HNO3 i didnt even realize was in there, NO2 formed in an explosive instant, and now the remaining magnesium dust was swirled around, within a splitsecond i had a second degree burn on 2 fingers
now for my point- can NO2 be used to oxidize gas mixtures such as butane, not taking into consideration that NO2 might react with some organic compounds?

i remember one guy on youtube experimented with using N2O for gas cannons and its of course used in cars to give a slight boost in performance, now for gas explosions you would typically use oxygen- which i have a cannister of, sure. but NO2 is rather easy to produce, just ascorbic acid and nitric acid will do, anyone got an idea of how energetic NO2 is compared to O2 or maybe N2O? theres nitrogen in it, so of what i can see it could maybe add some more power than just oxygen
and with the nitrogen in it, it could also have some uses in thermobarics, isopropyl nitrite is used in thermobarics for instance, i believe i have seen some very impressive power put out by IPN thermobaric myself- i think im onto something for once, i have a bunch of times thought of acid reacting with fine metal dust in an explosive composition to yield gasses that would then go thermobaric, oxidizer and fuel in one if you will, where thermobarics are typically limited to using only atmospheric "oxygen", this exactly is where NO2 would be more interesting as you can form it much easier than oxygen, for instance some nitrate salts would tend to turn into NO2 under heat

long rant- can NO2 be replace oxygen in fuel-oxygen gas explosion mixtures?

~25 drops = 1mL @dH2O viscocity - STP
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[*] posted on 8-10-2020 at 08:24

The barking dog reaction is sometimes done with NO or N2O so I guess NO2 would also work.
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[*] posted on 14-10-2020 at 03:44

Given that nitrogen dioxide is a fairly strong oxidiser, and it's dimer dinitrogen tetroxide is used as a hypergolic fuel in rockets, I'd imagine it'd work. It'd be fairly simple to attempt.
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