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Author: Subject: Storage of 35% H2O2
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[*] posted on 29-7-2021 at 13:27

Well, Karlos, my experience with this complex was only its usage. For long time it was the only one form of concentrated H2O2 available for my home experiments. I was able to buy it quite cheap in any household shop (back in SU). I remember it had a quite good shelf life as for 30% H2O2 and I was able to handle it with my bare hands.
I doubt there is any practical method to remove urea except converting e.g. to BaO2 or some other hydrated metal peroxide. I understand that you don't want urea always when you want H2O2 in your reaction mixture but it is the price of simplicity and harmless life, I believe you understand me here.

Of course there are some threads here about it from men who had to say more, for example this one:

And if you like to ask me personally: "urea is dissolved in 30% hydrogen peroxide (molar ratio 2:3) at temperatures below 60 °C. upon cooling this solution, hydrogen peroxide - urea precipitates in the form of small platelets" ( Don't credit or trust me, it's from wikipedia.

I am also was always interested in the method to remove urea from H2O2 water solution, by the way, it sounds like a good challenge.
As well as purification of H2O2 by recrystallisation of urea complex.

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[*] posted on 30-7-2021 at 08:31

Sodium Perborate could be useful ta have in the future and i dont think its part of any "oxy-action" cleaning compound.
Those usually contain Sodium Percarbonate, at least the ones i have looked at.
So i will try make some Sodium Perborate from the H2O2 before it become useless.

Nice webpage with chemical and physics experiments woelen.
I might try a few of those experiments.
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