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Author: Subject: SiC synthesis in the form of beautiful crystals, not carborundum.
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[*] posted on 3-12-2021 at 18:02
SiC synthesis in the form of beautiful crystals, not carborundum.

Popular articles are written about the possibility of synthesizing tiny diamond crystals for the amateurs, and pretty much anyone who makes a big effort to get a bottle of oxygen, for example, and acetylene can make a daunting attempt. But I couldn't find a similary article anywhere about SiC-Moissanite crystal synthesis. Yet the Moissanit has only slightly less hardness = 9.5 by Mohse than the diamond, and it is just as beautiful, if not prettier! My idea is to make it out of elements of silicon and carbon and use a suitable mineralizer in which both carbon and silicon dissolve simultaneously. Could be some metal... Has anyone tried? And did anyone find an interesting article on how this could be done specifically?
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[*] posted on 5-6-2022 at 16:09

That's a tall order, I myself tried using a butane torch, some sand and charcoal about two years ago, I guess I don't need to tell that I failed miserably... however, I heard stories and saw videos about people who managed with makeshift arc furnaces(those made with blocks and microwave transformers) now, to form crystals... I never seen anything like that, however, I'd look for hydrothermal process or something called plasma vapor deposition, even making ruby alone is quite hard, and it is well documented on the amateur/hobby chemistry community, however, my bet would be on the plasma thing, I guess they do it like diamond, sublimation and then surface deposition to grow a crystal, though, you still need a seed, I guess... I'm not a specialist, just saw this thread and remembered about some crazy stuff from the past.

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