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Author: Subject: Amatuer rockets to deliver small payloads
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[*] posted on 22-11-2012 at 12:58
Amatuer rockets to deliver small payloads

large distances. I have seen many films now if people as they shot up their rocket/cam, and in some cases, the cam opens at 110K". Trult an awesome height. Now, we won't achieve orbit unless 25,000MPH is reached, but that would burn up a rocket like this anyway. How about @ ~ 1oo,ooo", some wings, tail section, and stabilizer deploy. And according to a GPS based telemetry system programmed into the robot, the rocket will attempt to slowly glide down from NEO, to destination. If refined, how far might a system follow? Say it is treated as a glider, and rides down very slowly? It would need huge wings to capture the rare air molecules up there. Anyway, the idea is similar to an ICBM. Go up to orbit, then back down at an angle to the strike target. Instead, our payload might include small chemical samples, pictures, or something needed immediately.

The rocket would have to be quite robust. Very high end armature, just below low end professional.

Another idea. Going up in the helium/latex balloon, suited up and everything, and knowing (through computers/microcontrollers) when we are approaching burst altitude. The sensors and controls would pump out some helium immediately as needed, but we;d try to maintain a fairly high altitude. Would the rotation of the earth and it's gravity still pull us along at 7000 MPH , If not, we could just wait until our target is under us, and begin descent. Or, we could become a glider, specifically designed to perform in the fast jet stream. Using the jet stream to move us at around 100MPH.

The idea would be to launch some delicious brown sugar from Mehico, and have rocket come down in a frozen field in Finland.
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[*] posted on 22-11-2012 at 15:11

i hear that's how north korea got its plutonium.
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