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Author: Subject: Which vacuum pump should i get?
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[*] posted on 20-12-2013 at 08:51
Which vacuum pump should i get?

Hey, first off, i want to tell you guys that im sorry to have to post this newbie question in my first thread here.
I am new member here on the forum to you guys, but the truth is that i have been peeping you for a couple of months now, and i know many of you becouse i am always here checking out the new (and old) threads.

Ok, anyway. Back on topic. :)
I am on the hunt for a vacuum pump that can serve all my needs, and more when it comes to distillation and whatever.
I don´t know what kind of reactions i will be doing, so i want to be ready for whatever.
I am a newbie, so its not going to be any super difficult stuff for a while.

I recently bought a aspirator on ebay, from a company in the u.s. When it arrived i tried it out right away. I couldn´t connect it to any of the faucets in the house. Maybe it was just for the u.s.

So i was thinking that it would be for the best to invest a little bit more money, and get a vacuum pump that gives whatever pressure i need, and that can withstand the use a couple of years so i don´t have to worry about that that for a while.

I have leard here on the forum that some members use Diaphragh pumps, and also that you can make a refridgerator compressor into a nice pump.
What other options do i have?

Money is an issue, but if its´worth it im down. :) My budget will be around 50-100 usd.

I also have another question. I am going to get some vacuum tubing in the future, and that´s something that i don´t know about.
I am choosing between eitherregular or reimforced PVC tubing. Or Tygon tubing.

Have a great day guys! :)
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wink.gif posted on 20-12-2013 at 09:08

Welcome to ScienceMadness!
Here is a good vacuum pump from HST.
This topic has been discussed to death in other threads. For the future, search before creating a post.;)

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[*] posted on 23-12-2013 at 20:23

You'll soon hear, "UTFSE." Use the fucking search engine is the translation. back to your question: different vacuum sources for different uses. You could go a long time with aspirator vacuum. I suggest researching your needs before investing in a mechanical pump. Be patient. I have a really good 2-stage Welch a got on an ebay give-away.

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[*] posted on 23-12-2013 at 21:02

Quote: Originally posted by TheChemiKid  
Welcome to ScienceMadness!
Here is a good vacuum pump from HST.
This topic has been discussed to death in other threads. For the future, search before creating a post.;)

Thats not a good pump by no means. Its barely suited for evacuating the air conditioning system of cars once a week mostly, but its the wrong thing for chemistry.

At the budget named I would suggest to get an adapter for your aspirator and a waterpump (not submersible type) making 3,5 bar pressure or more. Amount of water pumped is secondary.

Now add a watertank or better an old freezer (comes for free if you fetch it, or 50Euro max. for a good brand) and use the freezer as watertank . Some tubes and round and round it goes.
Will fullfill all needs you may have now and can act as forepump if you ever might deem a rotary vane or diaphragm pump necessary, this will reduce exhaust fumes and in special with diaphragm pumps it will lower the possible vacuum to make the system suitable for almost everything what is encountered in a lab. And a diaphragm pump except for the vacuum could be better is worlds preferable over rotary vane (which wants a dry ice cold trap made from two traps , and oilchange often, and fluorinated oils so possible and is made of simple steel insides so if its contaminated and not tediously cleaned it WILL as it MUST corrode insides faster then you can spell "piece of shit".
The one presented also misses a bleed valve whats especially bad.
At universities rotary vane oilpumps were first choice as long there were enough cheap idiots available to do the maintainance or the service conract was on university technical and not the department.
Since assistents are no longer houseslaves (almost everywhere) and departments are supposed to pay their actual costs, in addition for extra money when replacing environmentally questionable with enviromentally best choice ever advertised equipment (like asbestos was advertised as best choice when introduced, all these things from fluorinated hydrocarbons some day....), since then oilpumps for vacuum are loosing ground and will go extinct sooner then later.

Build an aspirator sation whats cheap and effective and if you pursue the hobby add a diaphragm pump - both combinated result in good enough vacuum for virtually everything.

My vacuum pump though is another one, I plan to employ it in my "greener then green ever can be" laboratory. Its a Nash laboratory liquid ring high vacuum pump whic they nowadays deny to ever have manufactured (at least its nonexist on their homepage and company history).
And this for the liquid ring pump which until just a little time ago produced the best vacuum ever made by liquid ring.
But they dont like it anymore I have the impression.
If the several kilos of mercury for the liquid play a role here, I dont know....
Running it on ionic liquids would be possible -but would it not be a horrible mistake regarding style and disrespect of history?

Irgendwas is ja immer
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