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Author: Subject: internet hijacks
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[*] posted on 23-12-2013 at 18:21
internet hijacks

Just for the hell of it I decided to dogpile-search the topic "acylation with pyridinium halide. Sure enough "blekko" stepped up and referred me to Wal-mart where I can buy "acylation with pyridinium halide.." all day long. What simple-minded insanity is this? It's there and nobody blinks.

"When you let the dumbasses vote you end up with populism followed by autocracy and getting back is a bitch." Plato (sort of)
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[*] posted on 23-12-2013 at 19:05

I get similar attempts from Alibaba. I find it more a source of amusement than an irritation.

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[*] posted on 23-12-2013 at 20:29

I find Google and other search engines more and more getting damaged to almost useless due to those "everything refers to us" SEO spam. SEO is spam per se IMHO I am surprisedhow this is sold as a legit business concept.

I wrote Google because of this and its the first time ever I did something like this, but Google is with me since I started on the Net and my experiences were mostly great. They made money off me? No problem, they delivered more then I ever asked for.

I wrote them for two reasons:
- first I believe Google at least by now really lives up to the "dont be evil" idea. I have no problem Google aquirering information about be as long its somewhat anonymized and never in essential parts sold to anybody. I trust Google on not fucking around with my data. Well they are one of a few who simply can afford to keep high standards, most could not.
My problem is that Google has to follow local laws and I do not trust goverments, none, nowhere, never.
In Nazi-germany the laws regarding the jews were perfectly legal and any request of germany at this time would have been legal and any company would have had to comply.
And as legal is up to definition by those I distrust only a guarantee that my data is never passed on to any authorities could satisfy me, or at least that data is filed and connected in a for traditional purposes of authorities and data traders useless way. Anti data mining organised what would not limit Google in its business as is now if I am not misinformed.
Otherwise I have to do my best to make collecting of my data difficult and whats given wrong so any possible.

- second I suggested to them to enable a rating function on seach results where maximum negativ rated results + those obviously spawning drom the same idea of spamming are in future excluded from my search results + the option to import such ratings from others.
As algorithms are not able to beat humans sense of malice, humans are and as long negative ratings are only of effect for me and maybe for my choosen peers it will be rather impossible to exploit this.
Of course including an overall effect of ratings in any way is just an invitation o exploit this feature, as I believe many functions invented to serve better results are long since turned to the opposite.

Thats the two points, I will get an answer for sure, thats understood, more interesting is if I get a real answer or just the usual warm words with no real content and no real answers.
The later is more probable I know.
But I still like them and they got part of my life and I believe its not over yet, the good run they have. A lot of things one still only gets at Google, like mails in Gmail if deleted, really deleted are gone, unrecoverable. Same for deleting an account. After having answered the 59th question about you are serious and all will be lost forever - it is this way. The account and everything on it is absolutely gone with the last click. I know this for absolute sure and I know also that goverments, judges, all authorities who love to to control and love even more if others do the work for them, all those really really hate Google for they just keep their word: Delete means deleted


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[*] posted on 24-12-2013 at 07:01

Yes, and there are a lot of wikipedia hijackers as well.
They just copy the wikipedia contents onto their own site and offer ads to make money.
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