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Author: Subject: (Q) Chemistry for future studies

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[*] posted on 29-8-2014 at 19:39
(Q) Chemistry for future studies

Hello everybody, I'm here again.
I'm getting closer and closer to the University. Unfortunately I still haven't make up my mind to choose which courses. This is because I don't know the scope of the chemistry courses and it's hard to find or Google without knowing the real words for the courses, I'm here to please and ask all the professionals out there to help me out, please.

I slowly quit my ambition as a Pilot (because I can't) and going for chemistry.
Let me provide more information about my self so that you guys can give me or suggest me a proper courses for me. I always think about future :)
I love those NurdRage videos, and other chemistry video in YouTube. Mostly everything if related to chemistry. But I more love about pyrotechnics and energetic material. I love everything just more love EN and Pyrotechnics.
Hence I also love the Royal Institution (RI) and University of Nottingham videos. Because it's related to chemistry. I love the synthesis of bromine in the YouTube :) it's cool to manufacture those fume and hazard bromine.

Is this related to organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry or others?
I thinking of studying energetic material but it seems not a main courses. It should be under either once of the chemistry main course.

To be honest I don't really know the meaning of organic, inorganic chemistry and others.

My future work i hope it's work in lab but not office..
Just like NurdRage working in the lab, dealing with chemicals.
My country is a petroleum and rubber country, they are a lot of petroleum and rubber chemistry which is I don't like :( because it only focus on petroleum and rubber, what I want is like everything in chemistry..
May I know what courses should I get? Suggestions?
What work will I be at or how is it like?
Job maximum pay?

Thank you everybody. Please don't harsh me with hard words as I come here to learn chemistry and too bad my country is a developing country and no much forums like this.
Thank you!
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[*] posted on 29-8-2014 at 20:55

Well, you'd probably be out of luck looking for jobs in the area of energetic materials, unless you want to make fireworks professionally or something. It's highly doubtful that there are any courses about energetics offered in colleges.
Although petroleum and rubber don't seem that interesting, there is a ton of organic chemistry related to petroleum and its byproducts, since they are the source of many chemicals.
As for actual jobs, it's very unlikely to find a job that deals with "like everything in chemistry." It would be much more likely for you to be able to find a job in a specific field of chemistry, whatever is available, and then spend your spare time continuing to do chemistry at home. For instance, you can continue doing energetics unprofessionally, if that's your main interest.
I can't really give much more in the way of specifics, as I'm also preparing to go to college soon, and am also not sure about what I would like to do professionally.

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[*] posted on 29-8-2014 at 21:13

Quote: Originally posted by zts16  
It's highly doubtful that there are any courses about energetics offered in colleges.

RMC in Canada has an explosives chemistry class.

LMU Munich has an explosives chemistry class.

Pretty sure one of the UK universities has one as well.
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[*] posted on 30-8-2014 at 03:44

thanks zts16 , i agree the less courses directly related to energectic material in my area and also maybe you .

Thanks The_Davster , I'm in Malaysia which is do not offer energectic material here . Anyone can suggest which should i go for ?
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