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Author: Subject: polaritons and cherenkov radiation
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[*] posted on 16-10-2015 at 00:33
polaritons and cherenkov radiation

polaritons cherenkov radiation

i watched a video which is awesome o me that talks about light being slower in glass.

the fist person describes two different ideas about why light slows down to 60% its normal speed when travelling though glass and to me they both sounded the same, whether using polaritons or not, the particle or wave function or thing takes an infinite number of quantum pathways through the glass and exits having taken 66 and 2/3 % longer to do so than if it was vacuum.

(i think thats'it 100/60 is 166 and 2/3 so 66 and 2/3 more than 100%, i'm not sue so correct that if it is wrong)

this kind of stuff fascinates me and i enjoyed watching the professor talk about it, wondering about it, because they don't know either.

what i wanted / want to ask him as i i was / am the questioner, is what happens with cherenkov radiation. what i mean is i want to be in the brainstorm about that.

i was told cherenkov radiation happens from light going faster than the standard limit of the medium it is in.

i wonder how and what about it speeding up the quantum pathways and/o what and how it is happening.

furthermore, there
was a paper released recently that theorizes that light speed constant is variable depending on the particles it hits going though space. they wrote that the vacuum, not being constant but being a flux of appearing and disappearing particles, interacts with light and that there are possibly 100 or so different particles that arise from their calculations that also exist and most have not been found yet.
one other scientist remarked it was probably not important because instead of Feynman diagams it used different mathematics, but i don't know that that means anything, after all Feyman was a different kind of character himself.

what i am wondering as well is, if that is true, what hapens when light breaks past its standard observed speed in standard vacuum? what radiation does it emit? does it emit photon radiation still or does it progress to emitting matter or some other particle or wave like gaity o gluons or exotic particles or waves and energies (that's just random but what if theres a barrier for energetic photons it passes that it turns over to a matter form or perhaps then that barrier can be broken too or perhaps the photons it emits actually break though the vacuum as well and continually cascades emmisions down to cetain levels. pehaps that is what we see as light in the first place like Nikoli Tesla's belief of the prime solar ray which gives rise to the radiations we observe)?

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[*] posted on 16-10-2015 at 01:14

Cherenkov radiation is caused by -charged particles- moving faster than the speed of light in the medium they move through, NOT by light moving faster than the speed of light (which would be impossible).

Similarly, your last question, what would happen if light moves faster than the speed of light in vacuum makes little sense to me. Particles moving faster than c are called tachyons, and they occur in some theoretical models. They have some interesting (hypothetical) properties. Use google if you are truly interested.

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[*] posted on 31-10-2015 at 11:00

those two things are in the post.
reportedly there is a theory (i read a yahoo news type of article about it) that light speed is governed by the interstellar/space vacuum media. being that the vacuum is not the lowest energy state according to quantum physics (from what i read and was told in videos, like a CERN lecture at the royal institute of science), particles pop in and out of observable existance.

do you get where i'm going with this?
if that theory, that; light speed is what it is from interacting with these particles; is true, then perhaps if it is energetic enough it displays cherenkov type radiation effects.

according to the article, the theory explains that light speed as we know it is only from particle interaction. it also predicts about a 100 other particles.

besides wondering about exotic/dark matter/energy (which i wonder while typing this), if light hits more stuff and has a so called speed limit in glass/water, and it can break that and exhibit cherenkov radiation, then
holy cow! right?

i mentioned tesla's belief in a prime solar ray (invisable and being stepped down until it is visible as observable radiation/light) for this very reason.


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