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Author: Subject: Death from drop of water!
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[*] posted on 19-4-2018 at 12:35
Death from drop of water!

I remember now. Physics teacher in elementary school was talking about rain's drop ability to kill us all. He said it's due to potential and/or kinetic energy. I forgot exactly what else he told us. Now he's dead. He specifically told: "it penetrates your skull". Did he mean at some other than natural height?

Is this true? Then why doesn't rain kill us all? If for some reason rain can't kill us, can some other solid or liquid from high above the sky? Of course under enough mass so it doesn't all evaporate or disperse before it hits us.

Is there some specific material that will kill somebody from lower (than would be required for rain) height?
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[*] posted on 19-4-2018 at 12:57

This one was figureoutable on your own.

1. Terminal velocity. Friction in the air limits the maximum speed that a drop can attain. Therefore not as much kinetic energy as you might suppose. There is therefore an upper limit to the amount of energy that is transferred to your head.
2. Surface tension. This is the force that holds the droplet in a round shape. As far as forces go, it is not strong. Big enough to hold an insect but not huge on our scale - not compared with the force required to break skin. This means that the droplet breaks up on impact and its energy dispersed. Not all of the energy goes into your head.

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[*] posted on 19-4-2018 at 13:27

Please keep stuff like this to Lavatory or even Whimsy.

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[*] posted on 19-4-2018 at 16:36

Rain hurts like hell when you are falling down
while skydiving at terminal velocity (120 mph straight down).

The joke about that is it hurts because you are hitting the
pointy end of the falling rain drops.

Rain also can carve up a wooden airplane propeller
very badly and very fast.

Rain also stings pretty bad on the face when riding a motorcycle
at around 60 mph with no face shield nor windshield.

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[*] posted on 20-4-2018 at 02:09

I imagine a drop of water traveling at C would give you a good roughing up

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