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Author: Subject: High temperature/solvent resistant adhesive (?)
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[*] posted on 1-2-2008 at 07:12

Sodium silicate dries out during the heating, usually puffing up a bit in the process. It's mostly a solution of the silicate in water.

With cement some of the water is more strongly bound into the silicate structure, not just a solvent. Cement tends to sit there getting hot until it explodes.
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[*] posted on 1-2-2008 at 11:07

Thank you not_important...

I buyed right now 1kg of sodium metassilicate that is waiting for me for future attempts..

*Probably* this plus Mg silicate would be a perfect choice , since the only thing is put this aqueous paste on things to gasket and the *possibility* of recovering the material again for next uses, since it is a brittle material, as someone said before..So it only needs grinding , put some water and reuse it again, over and over !!!:D

Originally posted by Aqua_Fortis_100% :
At frogfot's page (acetone synth from calcium acetate), he talks about a special "aluminium paste" used to help in seal the pyrolisis can and able to resist IIRC 1100°C !!!

Where I can obtain this kind of adhesive?

Its only a theoric thinking, but, would be reliable to mix some fine Al powder (bronzing powder) with some sort of gel/cement for small high heat applications.. (?) even maybe some Na silicate..

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[*] posted on 5-2-2008 at 01:26

@not_important and microcosmicus - thanks.
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[*] posted on 5-2-2008 at 02:06

I recall seeing the use of an alkali fluoride (v.small amounts) with the silicate as a seal for mid-temp. dry distillations.

Whhhoooppps, that sure didn't work
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[*] posted on 5-2-2008 at 20:42

I've seen some exhaust putty with contents listed as sodium silicate, nickel and steel. Probably its sodium silicate and stainless steel powder. I've never used it but it seemed like an interesting product. I don't know exactly why it would be better than straight sodium silicate, but hey, it might be worth a shot.

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