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This page contains a list of general references to other sites around the internet which contain information about chemistry. Italicized sites may be personal sites or otherwise not entirely chemistry focused. Struckthrough sites are inactive.

Use the hashtag #sciencemadnessDB when mentioning us on Twitter, tumblr, or other sites.

Personal websites

Wilco Oelen (woelen): Science made alive

The Volatile Chemist's webpage: Peppertree Labs


The Home Scientist (MrHomeScientist)


See also List of chemistry Youtube channels and Chemistry Diamonds on Youtube.

Beginning theory and demonstrations

Periodic Videos

Royal Society of Chemistry

Respect Chemistry

General chemistry

NurdRage (professional chemist) formerly on Sciencemadness

Hegelrast (amateur chemist with clearly detailed theory)

myst32YT (amateur chemist) formerly on Sciencemadness

mrhomescientist (amateur chemist) on Sciencemadness

TheChemiKid (amateur chemist) on Sciencemadness

hkparker (amateur chemist) formerly on Sciencemadness

zhmapper, now Doug's Lab on Sciencemadness as Praxichys, formerly DougTheMapper


Explosionsandfire on Sciencemadness as Tdep




Mailinmypocket on Sciencemadness

Pat Wastie on Sciencemadness as arkoma

Organic synthesis

UC235 (amateur chemist) on Sciencemadness as UnintentionalChaos

Energetic materials

Dornier 335A on Sciencemadness

Practical chemistry and lab improvement


Science in general

SciShow (general science and science actuality show)

NightHawkInLight (amateur scientist)

TheChemlife (amateur scientist)

Gooferking Science on Sciencemadness

Amos Backstrom on Sciencemadness as Zyklon-A


Italicized links are personal twitter accounts and are not entirely chemistry-oriented. Use the hashtag #sciencemadnessDB to tweet about us! #RealTimeChem is another useful hashtag.

RadorLabs - a Sciencemadness collaborative!



labphotographer (kristofvagyok)

volatilechemguy (The Volatile Chemist)

brainandforce (Brain&Force)

Prof_G_SciMad (prof_genius)


labphoto (kristofvagyok)