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An electric arc furnace (EAF for short) or simply arc furnace is a type of furnace that heats charged material using an electric arc. This type of furnace can reach temperatures higher than conventional flame furnaces, even above 3,000 °C.


Arc furnaces consist of a chamber which acts as crucible and two electrodes, usually graphite or glassy carbon. The inferior part of the furnace chamber acts as crucible and it's lined with refractory materials, which act as insulating. The most common type of arc furnace is designed such that the electrodes are inserted inside the furnace through the upper part ("the roof"). The entire furnace can be tilted, which makes easier to pour the melted material through a pour spout. The entire process is regulated through a control panel.


Mini electric arc furnaces can sometimes be found online, but they're not cheap.

DIY electric arc furnace

The simplest arc furnace can be made by cutting a refractory brick and using two graphite electrodes hooked to an electric power supply.[1][2]

More complex electric arc furnaces can be made from various hardware equipment.


  • Melt refractory metals
  • Make lava


Electric arc furnaces pose electric and fire hazards. Wear proper protection when operating one.


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