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Wide mouth Erlenmeyer flask with petroleum ether

An Erlenmeyer flask, also named conical flask or titration flask, is a type of laboratory flask which features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck. It is often considered the most iconic piece of lab glassware.


Erlenmeyer flasks consists of an almost conical glass flask, with a flat bottom and opening without a "beak" (spout). Some models have ground glass joint. They may be graduated, and often spots of ground glass or enamel are used where they can be labeled with a pencil or marker. Depending on the application, Erlenmeyer flasks may be constructed from borosilicate glass or plastic, in a wide range of volumes.

The tapered sides and narrow neck of an Erlenmeyer flask allow the contents of the flask to be safely mixed by swirling, without risk of spillage, making them suitable for titrations by placing it under the burette and adding solvent and the indicator in Erlenmeyer flask.


Erlenmeyer flasks are sold by lab suppliers, and sometimes they can be found in medical stores and some pharmacies. They can be bought online very cheap.

In a ridiculous decision to limit drug manufacturing, Texas has restricted the sale of Erlenmeyer flasks and a permit is required to purchase them.[1]

As of late 2019 however, there is no more need for a permit and it appears that restrictions on glassware have been loosened.[2]


  • Make solutions
  • Flask for titration
  • Reaction vessel
  • Collecting flask

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