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An overhead stirrer is a type of mechanical stirrer, used for stirring solutions in the chemistry lab, though for general purposes, magnetic stirrers are more commonly employed as they're easier to both use and maintain. However, overhead stirrers are more suitable when stirring large volumes of solution or thick suspensions, as well as dissolving large amounts of solid in a solvent.


Overhead stirrer consist on a stand, with a motor connected in the upper part. The motor is controlled via several buttons and switches, which allow for speed control or setting a stirring time. The motor engages a stirrer, which stirs the liquid thanks to its stirrer head, which come in various models, specially designed depending on the type of fluid: anchor, blade, flat blade turbine, open blade, propeller, ribbon, turbine, etc.


Overheard stirrers can be bought from lab suppliers. They can sometimes be found on eBay and Amazon.

DIY overhead stirrer

A simple DIY overhead stirrer can be made by hooking up a drill mixer on a stand.

Handling and safety

Overhead stirrers may leak oil or grease in the solution below, contaminating it.

When mixing corrosive or hazardous solutions, try to start the mixing slowly, to prevent splashing.

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