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Parafilm also written as Parafilm M(R) or Parafilm M®, is a plastic paraffin film with a paper backing, primarily used in laboratories for sealing bottles, flasks and tubes.

Parafilm is produced by Bemis NA.


Parrafilm is a ductile, malleable, waterproof, odorless, translucent and cohesive thermoplastic. If properly handled, Parafilm can stretch up to 8 times its normal length, though it's not always necessary to stretch it too much, as it will get thinner and may easily break. Parafilm is also flammable and will burn easily if ignited, giving off smoke.

Parafilm is easily dissolved by most solvents and will slowly break down in air and light. Halogens will also destroy it.


Parafilm can be purchased from Bemis. It can also be purchased from other lab suppliers as well as from eBay and Amazon. Prices vary depending on seller.


  • Seal bottles containing air or water sensitive materials



Parafilm is relative inert and it's non-toxic. It can be safely handled without gloves.

Being a thermoplastic, Parafilm will break down in an autoclave.


Paraffin should be kept away from light and away from corrosive solvents.


Waste Parafilm can be safely dumped in trash. Burning it is also another option, though this isn't always necessary.


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