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Holiday Experiments
As i have pointed out in the HCl and Cl2
subcategory of this forum(read it)

Hydrazine is produce ...
7-1-2004 at 12:55
by: Acid Test
Some pictures
Actually Fentanyl is made from the alkaloid
It has been demonstrated in the past by
n ...
7-1-2004 at 12:45
by: Acid Test
HCl and Cl2
Actually isn't this a procedure for making

7-1-2004 at 12:36
by: Acid Test
I need something that will form a strong bond with plastic...
I would think that making a polymer from GHB
would be more effective.You could smear the
newly mad ...
7-1-2004 at 12:25
by: Acid Test
Some pictures
From those pictures(funpipe) i would assume
that the main procedure there was the
production of c ...
7-1-2004 at 12:20
by: Acid Test
Paraformaldehyde Purification
Apparentlly paraldehyde can be synthesised
from ethonol with a pallidium catalyst.
This is the ind ...
7-1-2004 at 12:03
by: Acid Test
I need something that will form a strong bond with plastic...
Actually you could probably make a polymer
from gamma-hydroxy-butryic acid.
I know this is possibl ...
7-1-2004 at 12:00
by: Acid Test
Benzene Synthesis from PCBs
You could take PCBs and decompose them to
thier simple benzene construction.
Of course you would ...
7-1-2004 at 11:55
by: Acid Test
Holiday Experiments
My posts are far off from being garbage.
Likewise Hydrazine will not be produced
from NaOCl and ur ...
7-1-2004 at 11:22
by: Acid Test
Ortho Nitration
I was only suggesting a simple way to dissolve
nitrogen into toulane.It is possable and it
will r ...
7-1-2004 at 11:15
by: Acid Test
Actually in the presence of a ketone you
would probably get indole.This of course
will set the way ...
7-1-2004 at 11:12
by: Acid Test
HCl and Cl2
Wouldn't HClO3 actually decompose to element
hydrogen and chlorine trioxide.
Or Even better ...
7-1-2004 at 10:52
by: Acid Test
Hydrazine From Peroxides?
Hydrazine from ammonia and H2O2.It sounds to good to be true!!!

The formula would have to be
2N ...
6-1-2004 at 16:44
by: Acid Test
Obtaining Sulfuric Acid
Save your car batteries and filter the lead catalyst out(or use a glass baster to baste out the H2SO ...
6-1-2004 at 16:33
by: Acid Test
Chemical Pseudonyms-PerCarbonate;HypoChlorate,etc
My understanding of Sodium Percarbonate is a Sodium Atom per Carbonate which is CO3.There is no H2O2 ...
6-1-2004 at 16:26
by: Acid Test
Ortho Nitration
[quote][i]Originally posted by Polverone[/i]
What the hell are you saying? Are you suggesting that ...
6-1-2004 at 16:14
by: Acid Test
Aldehyde Test
The surefire test of any aldehyde(except for benzaldehyde...DUH) is to dissolve 10 mg in water and i ...
6-1-2004 at 16:09
by: Acid Test
Substitution of Calce caustica
[quote][i]Originally posted by Tacho[/i]
I found this recipe for a phosphorecent compound in an old ...
6-1-2004 at 13:03
by: Acid Test
Silicone Oxide
Silicone Oxide is created from the fusion
of a silicone atom with oxygen.A great deal
of energy is ...
6-1-2004 at 12:37
by: Acid Test
Production of Gases from Sufamic Acid
I would think it would be useless and a waste
of expensive chemicals to produce gases on
a microsc ...
6-1-2004 at 12:17
by: Acid Test
Nitration of toulene
Toulene can be simmered on low heat and have
nitrogen bubbled through it.The toulene can
be refl ...
6-1-2004 at 11:55
by: Acid Test
Nitrates from Ammonia
Just the other day i was experimenting with
ammonia and iso-propyl alcohol.
I took 1 oz of ammonia ...
6-1-2004 at 11:02
by: Acid Test
Chlorine Gas and Chloric acid
Natural Forming Atom Chlorine is a negatively
charged acidic gas.
Chlorine can be generated rapidl ...
6-1-2004 at 10:03
by: Acid Test

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