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Folder mad.gif Fuck my gov and the popos, for making white terror CELamCheng Detritus 1 40
19-8-2019 at 13:53
by j_sum1
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Hot Folder This post is topped Preparation of elemental phosphorus (Pages:  1  2  3  ..  58) Polverone Chemistry in General 1426 459106
19-8-2019 at 13:51
by S.C. Wack
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Folder Purple Haze (Moscow Version) mayko Miscellaneous 6 163
19-8-2019 at 13:03
by Morgan
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Hot Folder Does Cr from some salt displaces AL from AL2(SO4)3 ? milovess Chemistry in General 21 396
19-8-2019 at 12:47
by chornedsnorkack
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Folder Trying to prepare crystals of nickel(II) chloride hexahydrate, made something else... Arcaeca Chemistry in General 1 239
19-8-2019 at 11:04
by AgCollector
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Folder How to fix date format? fusso Forum Matters 11 115
19-8-2019 at 09:40
by fusso
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Folder Has anyone tried the basic piranha solution? John paul III Chemistry in General 1 57
19-8-2019 at 09:11
by Sulaiman
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Folder Designing a periodic table, a STEM initiative XenonRadon Chemistry in General 12 428
19-8-2019 at 07:01
by XenonRadon
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Folder Dimroth for Distillation artemov Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 4 71
19-8-2019 at 06:52
by teodor
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Folder 1952 soviet dentist amalgam composition DrScrabs Chemistry in General 10 457
19-8-2019 at 06:45
by icelake
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Folder water additive to stop mosquitoes CouchHatter Chemistry in General 5 84
19-8-2019 at 06:42
by rockyit98
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Folder Gamma-aminobutyric acid synthesis Assured Fish Organic Chemistry 2 69
19-8-2019 at 04:44
by Corrosive Joeseph
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Hot Folder Hollow Glass Stopper, Hot Plate & Retort Stand Qns artemov Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 15 168
19-8-2019 at 04:37
by Pumukli
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Folder Sintered Funnel Clogged with Cr2O3 jwrigly Chemistry in General 7 433
19-8-2019 at 02:18
by woelen
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Folder Analysis Of Compounds Can't Be Seperated By Alkyl Phase Barcelona Organic Chemistry 1 23
19-8-2019 at 00:39
by draculic acid69
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Folder sad.gif Obtaining 4-methylpropiophenone from unsubstituted propiophenone? salasarslim Detritus 1 34
18-8-2019 at 23:31
by j_sum1
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Folder cool.gif Revisiting ketamine synthesis (from a serious synthetic perspective) chempig Organic Chemistry 1 60
18-8-2019 at 23:11
by draculic acid69
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Hot Folder How to make a 1 Mole Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) solution. JoeyJoystick Chemistry in General 24 461
18-8-2019 at 22:22
by wg48temp9
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Folder Pt & Pd available in 1g increments for very decent prices draculic acid69 Reagents and Apparatus Acquisition 5 290
18-8-2019 at 21:52
by draculic acid69
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