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Fume Hood Construction
Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of air foils? I've searched the forum and there's ...
30-12-2018 at 17:40
by: CouchHatter
Iodine Reaction Confusion
Household bleach is not always close to the labeled concentration. Did you titrate it?
26-12-2018 at 09:48
by: CouchHatter
Any fellow pakistani here?
PM me for some selenium
12-12-2018 at 09:44
by: CouchHatter
working with drums
Wow, I guess you just have to ask the right questions to get answers! Thanks everyone for your input ...
27-11-2018 at 20:09
by: CouchHatter
Water cooling for reflux condenser for 24 hours? Ice melts quickly, other set and forget options?
I've got insulated 1/2" lines running from a pump inside a jug of slush in my freezer. Looks bad tho ...
26-11-2018 at 07:56
by: CouchHatter
working with drums
I've recently acquired a 55 gal drum of ethanol. It is extremely heavy. I know that there are hydrau ...
25-11-2018 at 17:29
by: CouchHatter
Sourcing Ethyl Acetate?
Just got a quart of Klean Strip MEK substitute at Home Depot for $10. Could not see it listed on the ...
17-11-2018 at 13:17
by: CouchHatter
Avast HTML file conversion
[url=]NCH Prism Video Converter[/url] is what I use to c ...
30-9-2018 at 17:22
by: CouchHatter
Making Aluminum (cuttings) for easier milling of Al powder
I've done this with tin bars and a miter saw, although I wasn't able to recover much. Also the blade ...
7-9-2018 at 17:10
by: CouchHatter
cobalt chloride desiccant dangerous?
Cobalt chloride is a coloring indicator used in some desiccants, changing from blue to pink when sat ...
26-8-2018 at 04:16
by: CouchHatter
New here and introduction
I concur, though I'm located in midwestern USA. I'd love to see pictures of stuff, especially if you ...
20-8-2018 at 16:15
by: CouchHatter
Palladium Chloride decomposition in air?
I got a couple grams a few years ago in a shielded, sealed bag that I never opened. I looked at it a ...
17-8-2018 at 12:39
by: CouchHatter
thoughts on laboratory lattice
I have some space allotted in my new shop for a lattice. I've spent a lot on lab stands, and finally ...
11-8-2018 at 16:29
by: CouchHatter
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
About 2 months ago somebody had a topic about disappearing threads and falling post counts... Shortl ...
9-8-2018 at 21:24
by: CouchHatter
Looking for a decent spray on coating that is resistant to common solvents at RT
As it will be rotating hundreds or thousands of times in the presence of solvents, i would be concer ...
6-8-2018 at 05:01
by: CouchHatter
Handling toxic gasses in glassware
Consider building a [url=]portable gas sc ...
1-8-2018 at 10:33
by: CouchHatter
What to use Na2S2O3 for?
Check out the [url=]ScienceMadness ...
31-7-2018 at 15:43
by: CouchHatter
heating a cracked dewar
I have obtained a 4.5L [url=]Dilvac dewar[ ...
30-7-2018 at 18:04
by: CouchHatter
Some fungus growing on grass
Ergonovine and ergotamine are List I, at [url= ...
27-7-2018 at 10:26
by: CouchHatter
Make LARGE ball mill (4 5gal buckets) with a treadmill & still be able to use treadmill as intended!
That looks like it can handle a LOT of media!:D
If you can get ahold of paint or pickle buckets, t ...
25-7-2018 at 19:22
by: CouchHatter
Ball Milling Theory and Practice for the Amateur Pyrotechnician
Bert, your method does sound impressive in its resourcefulness. Those hours and hours I've used a ch ...
23-7-2018 at 19:05
by: CouchHatter
Tutorial: How to make topic more honest with 0 views?
Frankly, I don't care about the number of views my topics have. If they help somebody that's awesome ...
21-7-2018 at 07:50
by: CouchHatter
Update: selling equipment and reagents
Probably "are you done with chemistry?" I'm also curious, but figured the question might've been ask ...
3-7-2018 at 08:21
by: CouchHatter
Update: selling equipment and reagents
Everything arrived in great condition. Well packed, and not impossible to open.
2-7-2018 at 09:01
by: CouchHatter
FREE chemicals
Dr. Bob, I thought about that! I think it'd be really cool to be able to give back to members that w ...
14-6-2018 at 18:24
by: CouchHatter
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