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Iodine and tincture going List I
Well, if I had to make my own elemental Iodine in TODAY'S crazy environment (in which reagents are h ...
23-2-2008 at 20:49
by: JustMe
Iodine and tincture going List I
Ah yes, not a bottle to be found in a grocery or pharmacy anywhere. I know because my physician want ...
23-2-2008 at 18:35
by: JustMe
Old Chemistry Lab Manual
Ah, found "The Golden Book of Chemistry" as a PDF download that isn't a torrent.

OMG, I remember ...
4-1-2008 at 10:19
by: JustMe
Not good for a key branch of radiology!!! ...
1-1-2008 at 17:49
by: JustMe
How do I make CsSeSc, any ideas!!
Can you get iron filings? Hydrochloric (Muriatic) Acid?

Nasty way of getting there, but if you ad ...
23-8-2007 at 11:39
by: JustMe
Remarkable chemistry of S, Se and Te
Wow, thanks. I've always suspected that S2I2 could exist, and expected it to be like SCl4, very unst ...
6-8-2007 at 09:31
by: JustMe
Remarkable chemistry of S, Se and Te
Ditto Nerro's comment... very interesting stuff.

I have a somewhat off topic question on the chem ...
29-7-2007 at 17:49
by: JustMe
Iodine and tincture going List I
This just makes me feel so sick. It is hard for me to imagine the difficulties one has to go through ...
10-7-2007 at 10:20
by: JustMe
Burn Saltwater

But y'gotta wonder how much electricity is being sucked up to run the radio wave gen ...
19-6-2007 at 06:41
by: JustMe
Reaction ideas anyone?
Iodoform? Bright color (yellow), strong odor... antibacterial.
4-6-2007 at 08:24
by: JustMe
An experiment I always enjoyed doing is making Sodium Tetrathionate from Sodium Thiosulfate and Iodi ...
14-5-2007 at 09:39
by: JustMe
I'm bout ready to hang it up on glassware sellers on Ebay..
(Cue the music) Anticipation....

You guys have got me motivated. So if I can clean up the stuff a ...
17-4-2007 at 17:44
by: JustMe
I'm bout ready to hang it up on glassware sellers on Ebay..
Uhm, its legal to sell glassware on eBay???

Wow. I still have all my old stuff (some unused) from ...
14-4-2007 at 18:33
by: JustMe
Where to buy osmium at close to market price?
Well of COURSE Osmium is so dense and "cool" but I agree about the Iridium being less toxic.

If y ...
11-3-2007 at 18:15
by: JustMe
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
Did you wind up with the nasty body odor for a few days/weeks that Tellerium is (in)famous ...
3-1-2007 at 18:19
by: JustMe
Another one here for H2Se... oh about 35 years ago, mixed powdered Selenium with Iron Fillings and h ...
31-12-2006 at 14:53
by: JustMe
Handling Nitrogen Triiodide NI3
I sure don't know why you've gone so far astray from the topic. And, regarding that topic I recall a ...
31-8-2006 at 19:02
by: JustMe
What grows on planet x with a fluorine atmosphere
Well, that seems a little too extreme as there are hardly any processes that would lead to productio ...
2-6-2006 at 18:53
by: JustMe
Terrorist threat and over protection = brain drain/society of wusses
It sure isn't the same when I was a backyard chemist 35 years ago... I could buy almost anything. Bu ...
30-5-2006 at 07:47
by: JustMe
Acid-base 'explosives'
Lot of interesting stuff here, unconventionally speaking. Just want to step back to my variant on th ...
30-3-2006 at 18:41
by: JustMe
Crystal Growing
Neat site, bereal511.

I've done some crystal growing a long time ago. Evaporation technique/cooli ...
22-3-2006 at 19:17
by: JustMe
Thanks for the math!
Yeah, you'd have a lot of issues of the magazine to go through (if they still exist someplace). Stil ...
4-2-2006 at 19:40
by: JustMe
au out of sea water
I wish, really wish I still had an old magazine. Waaaaaaaay back in the late 1960's/early 1970's I u ...
3-2-2006 at 17:49
by: JustMe
Speaking of fictional chemicals
27-1-2006 at 19:27
by: JustMe
Reserch Project Idea(s)

What level of school? Will they buy the chems? What equipment is available for synthesis and ...
8-12-2005 at 19:30
by: JustMe
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