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best magnetic stirrer hot plate for 150$
I also got the HST hot plate stirrer, and it has lasted me the past two years with no issues whatsoe ...
17-5-2015 at 16:09
by: blargish
OTC Dimethyl Ether
Wikipedia states that a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane is commonly used to freeze warts (sinc ...
16-5-2015 at 19:44
by: blargish
2-butanone (methyl ethyl ketone) in Canada
It was one near I live in Toronto; I've been to it a bunch of times before but never saw the sulfuri ...
15-5-2015 at 15:23
by: blargish
2-butanone (methyl ethyl ketone) in Canada
Just picked up some MEK at Canadian Tire today :) Saw it on the shelves more than a year ago but it ...
15-5-2015 at 14:03
by: blargish
Really neat chart! I've only really made made methyl salicylate myself and didn't bother to isolate ...
9-5-2015 at 08:24
by: blargish
Hello everybody.
Hey man, welcome to sciencemadness! I'm finishing up my senior year of high school in Canada and hop ...
7-5-2015 at 07:03
by: blargish
Reaction of Cu(II), NH4OH, and H2O2
DraconicAcid is correct.

For instance, the p ...
5-5-2015 at 14:55
by: blargish
The strange and fascinating number ‘Wau’!
Haha, saw this video a couple of years ago and tricked a good portion of my math class, spurring som ...
4-5-2015 at 15:09
by: blargish
Pretty Pictures (2)
[rquote=402521&tid=26378&author=TheAustralianScientist]Some pictures of the slow precipitati ...
23-4-2015 at 18:17
by: blargish
Parents Getting in the Way of Chemistry
I guess I am one of the lucky ones whose parents are completely supportive of my interest in chemist ...
23-4-2015 at 17:53
by: blargish
Pretty Pictures (2)
Not the best quality pic in the world, but a cool effect seen when dark-brown crystals of potassium ...
16-4-2015 at 07:46
by: blargish
Write-up on synthesis of K3CrO8, a very energetic peroxochromate
Upon dilution the red colour seems to be maintained.

Below are thee pics; the original tetraperox ...
7-4-2015 at 20:15
by: blargish
Interesting dark coloured solution
Carried out the synthesis of potassium tetraperoxochromate(V) the other day, and it went pretty well ...
5-4-2015 at 21:23
by: blargish
Bad days in the lab or with glassware?
Just broke my 500 mL sep funnel today...

3-4-2015 at 19:18
by: blargish
Remote controlled nitration and recrystallization equipment
This could be an idea that I bring to my hockey team's rook party

Chemistry themed rookie hazing! ...
27-3-2015 at 08:43
by: blargish
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=397610&tid=25055&author=Argentum]Something I've seen but can't find anywhere

When ...
26-3-2015 at 16:04
by: blargish
Why doesn't granite and water explode
Semi-related, it's funny that this thread happened t ...
26-3-2015 at 15:55
by: blargish
Interesting test of how well you know your labware
Scored a 93

I've never seen a Straus or Kjeldahl flask before...
There were also a couple that ...
26-3-2015 at 15:52
by: blargish
Nitrogen dioxide mitigation in production of silver nitrate?
I also recently performed this reaction outside just the other day with a troy ounce of silver. I di ...
24-3-2015 at 06:48
by: blargish
Latest chemical order?
[rquote=392275&tid=9890&author=Mailinmypocket]Weird. Xylene is at one small local store. MEK ...
17-2-2015 at 12:06
by: blargish
Most dangerous or hard to handle chemical
The most annoying compound that I have to store is probably CrO[sub]3[/sub]. It's crazy hygroscopic ...
1-2-2015 at 14:46
by: blargish
Pretty Pictures (2)
[rquote=388871&tid=26378&author=Firmware21]Well, they already started to convert to FeCl3. N ...
30-1-2015 at 10:04
by: blargish
Pretty Pictures (2)
On the mineral trend, here is my own sample of fluorite (it's unfortunately in massive form) as well ...
16-1-2015 at 14:20
by: blargish
Copper Compound Collection

Has anyone ever made KCuCl[sub]3[/sub]? It ...
16-1-2015 at 10:43
by: blargish
the Permanganyl Ion MnO3+, salts and crystal systems
I have come across some sources that claim that when KMnO[sub]4[/sub] is added to excess concentrate ...
15-1-2015 at 10:17
by: blargish
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