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Protonation of oximes
I would answer the question myself, but I do not know the answer. Almost all questions, no matter ho ...
9-1-2014 at 08:20
by: eidolonicaurum
Grignard SS compatibility?
You could make a grignard on a small scale, and add a peice of relevant stainless steel. If the grig ...
9-1-2014 at 05:45
by: eidolonicaurum
Oxidation of 2-octanol or 2-octanone to hexanoic acid
Air is not a sufficiently powerful oxidising agent to oxidise a ketone to a carboxylic acid. You wou ...
9-1-2014 at 05:34
by: eidolonicaurum
Test to analyze traces of methanol in extraction.
Work out what is present in your extract, and find a chemical that reacts with methanol but not anyt ...
9-1-2014 at 01:21
by: eidolonicaurum
Converting percent (%) solution to molarity (M)
It may be of use to future people who look at it.
9-1-2014 at 01:18
by: eidolonicaurum
Help synthesizing icilin
Looking at the structure, it does not look toooo difficult from dihydropyrimidin-2-one. But how to g ...
9-1-2014 at 01:06
by: eidolonicaurum
Turpentine + iodine - any ideas?
That is the exact book, and exactly what I did!
9-1-2014 at 00:59
by: eidolonicaurum
Making manganese nitrate ?
On an unrelated note, does your name mean somethin ...
8-1-2014 at 00:18
by: eidolonicaurum
the basic Strong Acids harm skin?
In VERY small amounts, these acids (apart from HF) do not do very much damage. HNO3 turns the affect ...
7-1-2014 at 04:07
by: eidolonicaurum
Converting percent (%) solution to molarity (M)
I had this exact same problem several years ago, and I asked my science teacher how to work it out. ...
7-1-2014 at 03:49
by: eidolonicaurum
Turpentine + iodine - any ideas?
I have managed to clean it off!! I used a concentrated solution of sodium percarbonate, which oxidis ...
7-1-2014 at 03:33
by: eidolonicaurum
I do know of this method of making HNB, however, I have never tried it, nor know how it works. It is ...
7-1-2014 at 03:31
by: eidolonicaurum
I'm Back, and.... READY?
If you find something that looks interesting, go for it! Dabble in organic, inorganic, etc. See what ...
6-1-2014 at 04:54
by: eidolonicaurum
Acidifying and Basifying Iodine
Iodine reacts with water like this:
I2 + H2O <-> HI + HIO
By adding the alkali, you pushed t ...
6-1-2014 at 04:43
by: eidolonicaurum
Buying sodium wire of 0.1-0.3 mm dia
Try this:

Its a do-i ...
5-1-2014 at 13:02
by: eidolonicaurum
working with gallium aluminium amalgam
I get the same null result of no reaction between GaAl and isopropanol.
5-1-2014 at 12:46
by: eidolonicaurum
Isolation of Boron from Borax (Sodium Tetraborate)
[rquote=313950&tid=26415&author=eidolonicaurum]You are right about the difficulty in lightin ...
5-1-2014 at 11:23
by: eidolonicaurum
Isolation of Boron from Borax (Sodium Tetraborate)
[rquote=313828&tid=26415&author=Tdep]I actually happened to try a aluminium reduction of bor ...
5-1-2014 at 11:22
by: eidolonicaurum
Aluminum alkoxides with gallium instead of mercury?
This talks about gallium/aluminium alloy. ...
5-1-2014 at 01:25
by: eidolonicaurum
Oxydising iodides
Yes it almost certainly would. I have used Mn2O7 a fair bit (on a small scale) and its never explode ...
5-1-2014 at 01:23
by: eidolonicaurum
Aspirin to...

Oil of wintergreen p ...
5-1-2014 at 01:17
by: eidolonicaurum
Synthesis of glutamine from sodium glutamate
If it is the salt of an acid, how would you isolate the free acid? MSG is a salt.
5-1-2014 at 01:08
by: eidolonicaurum
2-picoline synthesis
Pyridine is more aromatic than benzene, Friedel crafts reactions do not work with pyridine. Its reac ...
5-1-2014 at 01:06
by: eidolonicaurum
Sodium sulfate use?
None that I know of.
5-1-2014 at 00:59
by: eidolonicaurum
Semimetals on Marsh test
With the germanium compounds, they are very similar to silicon. So will marsh test conditions affect ...
4-1-2014 at 10:43
by: eidolonicaurum
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