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Nitric Acid Synthesis
I ran some quick numbers and to make a 50% conc of HNO3 I believe you will want to use 36.0gKNO3 and ...
16-6-2004 at 20:23
by: sanity gone
The most dangerous, expensive and inneficient way of making HCl!
I've been working on this with my own twist.
The electrodes are both graphite enclosed by PVC ...
16-6-2004 at 14:01
by: sanity gone
Synthesis of Gold
I was sure silver was made through transmutation, but I didn't know about gold; I stand correct ...
16-6-2004 at 10:08
by: sanity gone
Synthesis of Gold
alchemy of old was based on the principal "he who can make gold owns the world." I don ...
16-6-2004 at 08:36
by: sanity gone
experiments with Iodine Tinctures
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (providone) molecules are incompatible with strong oxidizers... I was wondering ...
16-6-2004 at 06:38
by: sanity gone
experiments with Iodine Tinctures
I knew I could make NI3, but I was doing small amounts with excess ammonia outside. I was trying to ...
15-6-2004 at 22:01
by: sanity gone
experiments with Iodine Tinctures
So I was outside doing some experiments with iodine tinctures and was wondering if anyone could help ...
15-6-2004 at 14:18
by: sanity gone
new idea for sulfur
I was doing some research and thought I'd pass a different idea along:
Fools Gold (pyrite) is ...
29-5-2004 at 10:37
by: sanity gone
CuSO4 production
The way I got my CuSO4 was by the electrolysis of MgSO4 (commonly sold as Epsom Salts) with copper e ...
26-5-2004 at 22:55
by: sanity gone
electron orbits
Electrons want to exsist at the lowest possible energy level, this is one of the guiding ...
22-5-2004 at 19:41
by: sanity gone
what about single replacement?
I was thinking it might be possible to replace a sulpahate compound with single replacement and filt ...
13-5-2004 at 20:33
by: sanity gone
Our most Valuable Equipment
My digital scale which admittitley is only accurate to 1/10th of a gram, but I'm trying to scor ...
12-5-2004 at 07:36
by: sanity gone
A couple of questions
Ok... So first off, I'm a chemsitry student and being a student I also have a very limited amou ...
25-4-2004 at 16:16
by: sanity gone

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