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Nickel and Titanium complexes

Titanium forms some remarkable complexes. I don't know what reagants you have but here is a ...
30-10-2011 at 08:46
by: strontiumred
Fluorine gas non-electrical production
Thanks for all the warnings and advice guys. I've finally managed to get a water soluble tantalum c ...
25-10-2011 at 04:27
by: strontiumred
Buying germanium related thing
I've used this ebay seller: ...
22-10-2011 at 04:49
by: strontiumred
Hi Plastics,

I got mine here:

5g for $26.

13-7-2011 at 05:27
by: strontiumred
Pretty Pictures (1)

Mixell suggested this method:
Mix (very well) molar amounts ( 3:1 ratio) of NaOH ...
3-7-2011 at 08:29
by: strontiumred
Pretty Pictures (1)
Here is some blue sodium hypomanganate, Na3MnO4.
Thanks to Mixell for the method.

12NaOH + 4MnO2 ...
2-7-2011 at 08:30
by: strontiumred

I'm trying to find out more about the oxidation products when when alkaline pyrogallol is oxi ...
25-3-2011 at 08:20
by: strontiumred
Coordination chemistry of nickel(II)
I have managed to prepare the following three complexes of nickel II and ethylenediamine:

[Ni(en) ...
10-3-2011 at 08:43
by: strontiumred
For the Element Collectors

I have spent about $5,000 with Dave Hamric - he's not a rip off merchant but undoubtedly the ...
6-7-2007 at 08:16
by: strontiumred

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