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I need someone from the planet Vulcan
I was under the impression that 'vulcanising' was heating to a fairly high temp, derived from Vulcan ...
7-10-2009 at 08:02
by: AngelEyes
Hypergolic Reactions and Energetics
"instance with 35% H2O2 and H2SO4 there was no reaction with acetone"

- forgive me, but doesn't t ...
18-7-2008 at 06:17
by: AngelEyes
Non-nitrate explosives
Azides (-N<sub>3</sub>;) and Acetylides (-C<sub>2</sub>;) also spring to mind. ...
11-6-2008 at 04:24
by: AngelEyes
Mud problem in AN
Cotton or Ceramic Fibre wool in a glass tube maybe?
It would act as a partial bung, slowly cloggin ...
23-5-2008 at 08:15
by: AngelEyes
H2S intoxication
This maybe slightly OT, or possibly even getting us back on topic, depending on how you look at it.
14-5-2008 at 05:01
by: AngelEyes
How about this?
I guess it might be called CycloTriCarbonylTriNitrosAmine (CTCTNA).
Similar to CTMTNA that can be p ...
2-8-2006 at 13:30
by: AngelEyes
Metal nitrates - the easy way
Er.. um... hummm... did you happen to think that your ammonium sulfate would be causing the ...
12-6-2006 at 03:23
by: AngelEyes
Found some Ammonium Nitrate... a Calcium multi action fertiliser. Seems it's a mix of Ammonium Nitrate (about 80%) and chalk ...
9-6-2006 at 04:30
by: AngelEyes
Metal nitrates - the easy way I have a quantity of a light-turquoise powder after filtration. It's taken ages to dry bu ...
11-5-2006 at 09:42
by: AngelEyes
Actually... Copper Nitrate <i>is</i> blue. Not sure why I put it as green. It's large, clumpy ...
3-5-2006 at 01:24
by: AngelEyes
Metal nitrates - the easy way
Going to resurrect an earlier thread rather than start a new one.

I have some Copper Nitrate and ...
2-5-2006 at 06:43
by: AngelEyes
Exotic thermites & analogs

Exploding ink
A very unusual ink-jet printer cartridge, containing ...
8-2-2006 at 04:33
by: AngelEyes
Bacterial Hydrazine
Saw this:

...and figured it qualified as Ma ...
27-10-2005 at 06:49
by: AngelEyes
Or you could use a balloon?
Well, a few balloons I guess. But nice and simple, cheap, easy etc.
22-7-2005 at 04:01
by: AngelEyes
Naming Acids
One exception to this might be the -ide's.

Chloride, for example, comes from HydroChloric Ac ...
7-3-2005 at 04:21
by: AngelEyes
Cellulose acetate
Isn't Cellulose Acetate the stuff they use for cigarette filters?

Could be expensive if you& ...
19-2-2005 at 03:13
by: AngelEyes
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
Butyric Acid.

Whichever chemical gives freshly-cut grass it's smell. Wonder ...
17-2-2005 at 04:18
by: AngelEyes
Isn't it hexamethylenetetraamine (ie 6 methylene and 4 amine)...?

Type that name and 'n ...
15-2-2005 at 08:38
by: AngelEyes
Cyclic Ozone
Spotted this the other day:

Might tickle ...
4-2-2005 at 04:38
by: AngelEyes
Resin Filler
for your source of Aluminium?

Wow - I bought some resin filler Al and found it to be remarkably u ...
12-1-2005 at 09:59
by: AngelEyes
Isopropyl peroxide ?
I would have thought:

Isopropyl + H Peroxide + Acid --> Acetone Peroxide (+ Water + remaining ...
20-12-2004 at 08:57
by: AngelEyes
Ammonium Sulfate to Ammonium Sulfide
A small point...but I never suggested bubbling ammonia through hydrogen sulphide - that was the good ...
6-12-2004 at 04:25
by: AngelEyes
solidification of liquid carbolic acid?
Liquid phenol - nice...probably quite pure. I bet this 'chemical market' wasn't in th ...
29-11-2004 at 08:21
by: AngelEyes
Rocket propellant
Because Chlorates are easier to get hold of that perchlorates and cheaper. It's also a better o ...
23-11-2004 at 04:23
by: AngelEyes
Isopropyl peroxide
What is this exactly?
It was referred to in an earlier post but all I can find on google are refere ...
18-11-2004 at 04:26
by: AngelEyes
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