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Sucralose Nitrate
Interested too is the sweet nitration of

O2NO-CH2-(CHONO2)4-ON ...
25-4-2003 at 19:25
by: Krypton
Potassium dinitroethanol, the potassium salt


of trinitroethanol

(NO2)3C-CH ...
23-4-2003 at 12:44
by: Krypton
It`s a wonderful waste preparing DNPA
by this method over many steps with the
mono-potassium salt ...
22-4-2003 at 02:50
by: Krypton
Reduction of carbonyl groups
I was wondering because the usage of oxazoline as
a cleaning agent or solvent(?).
I think when oxi ...
19-4-2003 at 10:36
by: Krypton
Reduction of carbonyl groups
have you a idea to oxidizing of


?? ...
17-4-2003 at 18:02
by: Krypton
I`ve uploaded some example of non-caged
cyclo n5 and c5 components and their combinations
to ftp.
16-4-2003 at 13:13
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
it`s of course the

double bound of the nitroaza to the cyclopentane and not cyclopropane !!!
15-4-2003 at 11:09
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
I`ve upload a picture to of

1,2,3,4,5-pentanitro-1,2,3,4,5-pentazac ...
15-4-2003 at 11:02
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials

When your cyclopentaazapentadiene nitrated with five than the nito name

cyclopentaazape ...
14-4-2003 at 09:23
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
Why not



pentanitroc ...
13-4-2003 at 18:07
by: Krypton
RDX synthesis
Other cheap synthesis ways for hexogen or octogen when for instance octogen oxidised from
1,3,5,7-t ...
13-4-2003 at 13:55
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
sorry, a little copy mistake in my last post.
The correct name of course

3,6-bis(3,5-diaminotetr ...
9-4-2003 at 09:54
by: Krypton
Why ditetrazoyltriazine and not 2,4,6-tritetrazoyl-1,3,5-triazine ?
A other examble of the tetrazin ...
9-4-2003 at 09:22
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
Here a little draw of nitropentazole.
7-4-2003 at 08:26
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
7-4-2003 at 07:00
by: Krypton
new ernergetic materials
I think the nitration of pentazole gave a strong energetic material.


for instance
3- ...
4-4-2003 at 08:58
by: Krypton
I mean 6-nitrofullerene.


and not hexanitrofullerene.
Have you any sources or articles ...
4-4-2003 at 08:11
by: Krypton
I know the existing 6-nitro-fullerene, a very expensive energetic material, was not the only one wha ...
4-4-2003 at 07:52
by: Krypton
substitution and oxidation
mistakes in calculation !?

3C4H5NCl4 + 12NH3/H2O/12NaXOH/(solvent) + H3PO3 + 12H2S2O8

12-3-2003 at 17:42
by: Krypton
The purification of picric-, picramic-acid... salt`s
conditional by high water-solublety is always ...
21-2-2003 at 00:58
by: Krypton
stodgy descriptions

to the best of my belief, it exist 14 different methods of RDX-synthesis.
18-2-2003 at 23:08
by: Krypton
blithe hunting
ha ha,
on in this world existing persons,
which can thinking fastest the second step
bevor the fi ...
18-2-2003 at 22:22
by: Krypton
Why making picramic-acid ?
You can make many picramate-salt`s
(f.i. potassium and ammonium picrama ...
18-2-2003 at 22:01
by: Krypton
Toxic-gas liberating explosives
Sorry, the picture was not submited in my last post !
18-2-2003 at 21:46
by: Krypton
chemical structure
Here the chemical structure of the pyrrolidine-based component.

Does anybody have ideas for a eas ...
18-2-2003 at 21:45
by: Krypton
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