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Frozen joints--should I be hopeless?
I found a very nice Friedrich condenser recently with one problem: there is a male joint piece froze ...
16-6-2009 at 18:40
by: querjek
Are metallic bonds a form of covalent bond?
Metals bonding to what?
13-6-2009 at 18:49
by: querjek
Oxidative cleavage of an alkene using dichromate?
Hey all,

I know that permanganate can be used in the oxidative cleavage of an alkene, but can dic ...
8-6-2009 at 13:31
by: querjek
Propionic Acid through MEK haloform?
Could I prepare propionic acid in decent yield from the haloform reaction with methyl ethyl ketone? ...
31-5-2009 at 11:14
by: querjek
The short questions thread (2)
Can anybody give me a quick rundown as to what a spectrophotometer does? I bought one (cheaply) toda ...
15-5-2009 at 19:22
by: querjek
The short questions thread (2)
Does anybody have a range around which an ethanol flame burns? How about isopropanol?
29-4-2009 at 16:51
by: querjek
Making mystery glass ware foodsafe?
Wash it with acid, base, oxidant, reductant, and non-polars?

(please, don't take that too serio ...
11-4-2009 at 12:06
by: querjek
Getting rid of lingering free amine smell?
So a few weeks ago, I conducted a small experiment which (inadvertently) released a few grams of gas ...
8-4-2009 at 12:09
by: querjek
Preparation of adipic acid from lysine?
Hello all,

I've been trying to figure out a scheme to synthesize adipic acid out of lysine, as a ...
31-3-2009 at 12:49
by: querjek
The short questions thread (1)
To prepare ~30% HBr in acetic acid, could I saturate some acetic acid with HBr gas generated by drip ...
25-3-2009 at 04:35
by: querjek
The short questions thread (1)
I've got some sodium formate and H2SO4 and would like some concentrated formic acid. Is it enough to ...
23-3-2009 at 06:24
by: querjek
The short questions thread (1)
I need some potassium hydroxide for a reaction, but can't find any. I can, however, find potassium b ...
9-3-2009 at 08:59
by: querjek
The short questions thread (1)
[quote][i]Originally posted by kclo4[/i]
Does anyone know how to determine if a chemical will pass ...
5-3-2009 at 19:51
by: querjek
The short questions thread (1)
I have a solution with a few mixed quaternary ammonium compounds in water. Is it safe to store this ...
1-3-2009 at 18:54
by: querjek
Falsely marked 24/40?
I once got a liebig like that from a flea market... 24/40 joints will fit in it enough, but make sur ...
26-2-2009 at 19:43
by: querjek
Strange Substance??
[quote][i]Originally posted by BlindedAchievement[/i]
Maybe not an exact equation, but we should st ...
27-1-2009 at 13:53
by: querjek
aluminium amalgam
Did you try refluxing it?
5-1-2009 at 08:41
by: querjek
Alternatives to using a "pipe bomb" for a reaction?
I've seen referenced in literature a few times to use a "pipe bomb"--that is, a small, stainless-ste ...
11-11-2008 at 18:42
by: querjek
The short questions thread (1)
I was reading this the other day:

And was hopi ...
1-10-2008 at 18:24
by: querjek
Use of lipase enzyme for ester hydrolysis?
(sorry if this is in the wrong forum; I wasn't entirely sure where to put it)

A hobby chemical su ...
17-9-2008 at 05:36
by: querjek
Diethylamine Synthesis
[quote][i]Originally posted by mbrown3391[/i]
though now that I think about it, it does seem almost ...
29-8-2008 at 10:45
by: querjek
Setup for Preparation of Zinc Chloride from a Penny + HCl?

I've read that zinc chloride may be produced by gassing zinc metal with HCl, or by simply ...
26-8-2008 at 18:46
by: querjek

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