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Strongest Acid
A new stongest acid has been discovered / developed / isolated: ...
17-11-2004 at 07:32
by: AngelEyes
Ammonium Sulfate to Ammonium Sulfide
I belive that the commercial stuff is a weak solution of <10 percent iirc.

I have a (dubious) ...
11-11-2004 at 07:34
by: AngelEyes
The holy-grail rocket fuel oxidizer
Hmmm....I'm only a novice but:

--> CH<sub>3</sub> - what is this exactly?
C& ...
6-10-2004 at 03:15
by: AngelEyes
When did NG get into this thread?
It matters little as I have never prepared NG so have no experien ...
30-9-2004 at 03:37
by: AngelEyes
There is a tiny amount of residue but it's negligible. The more I squeeze it together the slowe ...
29-9-2004 at 03:03
by: AngelEyes
A project everyone can pitch in on! Writing the book on chemistry.
I can't access the following sites:
h ...
28-9-2004 at 06:54
by: AngelEyes
I use cosmetic cotton wool balls, the usual drain cleaner acid (minimum 93% sulphuric) and 70% HNO3. ...
27-9-2004 at 03:50
by: AngelEyes
atmospheric combustion of Al (foil)
Burning Al is fun.
I have not tried burning the foil but I have successfully burned Al cans before. ...
27-9-2004 at 03:29
by: AngelEyes
Is there anyway to prepare Picric acid from terephthalic acid?
This guy is asking the same question on E&W under the name quashimailk - wasn't that user b ...
13-9-2004 at 03:11
by: AngelEyes
Oxiclean reaction
It's <i>liquid</i> Oxygen that's magnetic...and a blue colour too.
Not convi ...
12-8-2004 at 03:16
by: AngelEyes
Any erythritol (alchol) synthesis?
IIRC, Erythritol hasn't been granted an EU license yet so you'll have to order it in from ...
12-7-2004 at 03:03
by: AngelEyes
Trinitrophenol (TNP)
My apologies if that was not as accurate as it should have been - I was a little busy and didn' ...
11-6-2004 at 07:03
by: AngelEyes
Trinitrophenol (TNP)
This is what I got from

Aspirin (Acetyl Salicylic Acid) is mixed with Sulphur ...
11-6-2004 at 03:10
by: AngelEyes
curious adventures with alcohol oxidation
Does that mean Copper Nitrate could also oxidise Ethanol to Acetaldehyde...and then stop?
11-5-2004 at 07:24
by: AngelEyes
Yes...sticking with GMT probably is best.

My apologies for starting a wanky thread. ;)
16-4-2004 at 03:18
by: AngelEyes
BST is just a small matter, but this forum's time hasn't been updated to BST.

I j ...
14-4-2004 at 07:06
by: AngelEyes
terrorists planning chemical warfare
myuo is right.

They could have said that they'd caught terrorists with hundreds of gallons o ...
14-4-2004 at 07:00
by: AngelEyes
new primary explosive?
Lead TriNitoOxyBenzoate?
Sounds very similar to Lead Picrate...
2-4-2004 at 04:00
by: AngelEyes
free power
Fuel Cell(s)?
You could ferment and distill your own alcohol then let it trickle into the cell(s). ...
26-3-2004 at 07:22
by: AngelEyes
Am I dead yet? How bout now? Now? Now? Now?
iirc It gives you headaches because it's a vasodilator - it dilates blood vessels. This dilatio ...
23-3-2004 at 04:20
by: AngelEyes
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
Some of those alkyl esters have a peculiar, but very nice, smell. One that springs to mind is Ethyl ...
22-3-2004 at 04:24
by: AngelEyes
synthesis from urea!

1. Click 'search' at the top of this page.
2. Type in 'Urea'
3. Clic ...
11-3-2004 at 07:46
by: AngelEyes
Then you should have read the forum rules and searched first. No one here will spoonfeed you.

If ...
4-3-2004 at 08:49
by: AngelEyes
Colored flame candles

This whole thread is about making coloured flame candles. All you gotta do is ...
4-3-2004 at 07:08
by: AngelEyes
Yes, we all do. Well, most of us anyway.

Which country are you in?
Have you searched?
You' ...
4-3-2004 at 07:03
by: AngelEyes
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