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Make diamonds in the microwave?
I suppose this might actually be feasible. Granted, it's only going to produce diamond dust bu ...
17-10-2005 at 21:52
by: FrankRizzo
Make diamonds in the microwave?
While browsing through the amsci microwave experiments site, I came across a link where the author c ...
17-10-2005 at 17:39
by: FrankRizzo
Electromagnetic/magnetic screens materials?
YES!! Thanks for that link Quince.

Now I can order some un-insulated mu metal wire for my gran ...
17-10-2005 at 16:41
by: FrankRizzo
methylene chloride alert!
How did you not smell it?
17-10-2005 at 16:27
by: FrankRizzo
Plasma propulsion
The energy to used to create and distort the magnetic fields has to come from somewhere, no?

So, ...
17-10-2005 at 16:12
by: FrankRizzo
How does K2r work??
Sounds like it works via chromatography. The stain, assuming that it's soluble in the solvents ...
26-9-2005 at 19:57
by: FrankRizzo
Simpler Gregar extractor
That's more soxhlet-based than Gregar (improved soxhlet), but a nice hack if you've got mi ...
19-9-2005 at 16:20
by: FrankRizzo
Nituff® coatings

Yes, the base metal has to be Aluminum. I'm familiar anodizing dyes and the process, ...
17-9-2005 at 19:56
by: FrankRizzo
DIY glassware

Would you mind posting a picture of your new toy?
16-9-2005 at 19:57
by: FrankRizzo
Denaturated ethyl alcohol decoloration?

You may already know this, but most hardware/home improvement stores in the US have larg ...
16-9-2005 at 19:53
by: FrankRizzo
The billion watt light bulb, or how I nearly got Darwined

I've received a few U2U ...
16-9-2005 at 19:37
by: FrankRizzo
"dry" acetone
If you're drying the acetone for use in pyro, calcium chloride (Damp-Rid) works just fine. Fun ...
16-9-2005 at 16:12
by: FrankRizzo
Nituff® coatings
It's a hard coat anodizing process that impregnates the layer with PTFE and a black dye of some ...
3-9-2005 at 12:58
by: FrankRizzo
Nituff® coatings
What's the process for treating metals with this type of hardcoat?
2-9-2005 at 19:37
by: FrankRizzo
Splitting Water
Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, bitch!

[u]Science[/u] is based on fa ...
27-7-2005 at 14:04
by: FrankRizzo
I can't remember what email I had...
Obviously, you haven't forgotten your password either (you made a post).
18-7-2005 at 16:46
by: FrankRizzo
Drying Out Iron Chloride
Fer Christ sake, just put it in a shallow pyrex baking disk and toss it in the oven on low heat for ...
29-6-2005 at 19:25
by: FrankRizzo
Can´t login, but can post
I'm just now having the same problem as Organikum. Seems I left the U2U window open for a few ...
27-6-2005 at 17:26
by: FrankRizzo
Transmitting images or tv-broadcasting signals into electrical charges
25-6-2005 at 15:19
by: FrankRizzo
Just some thing to watch out for.
Didn't we come to the conclusion, in another thread, that adding 30% H<sub>2</sub>O ...
6-6-2005 at 12:34
by: FrankRizzo
Easy Fe2O3
For thermite, you really want Fe<SUB>3</SUB>O<SUB>4</SUB>. It's much c ...
14-5-2005 at 21:30
by: FrankRizzo
Sodium Metal Reactions
Just use a common mercury vapor lamp without the protective envelope.

[quote][i]Originally posted ...
4-5-2005 at 20:21
by: FrankRizzo
Desktop fusion with pyroelectric crystals
Here's a copy of the Nature article.
2-5-2005 at 12:42
by: FrankRizzo
Pipe template
I found an article that was able to help me with the parallel-line development template: http://fabf ...
27-4-2005 at 19:40
by: FrankRizzo
Pipe template

That toothpick idea is great!
27-4-2005 at 17:09
by: FrankRizzo
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