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40% formaldehyde solution from paraformaldehyde?
Do you mean how to dilute it or actually making it?
9-10-2017 at 14:39
by: 100PercentChemistry
unknown dye - german label

This website says that this dye is u ...
9-10-2017 at 14:29
by: 100PercentChemistry
Unfreezing glass joints?
Place in boiling water for awhile and then cool it in the freezer? The water might help to get in be ...
9-10-2017 at 14:23
by: 100PercentChemistry
Have any of the sciencemadness members discovered anything?
Has any user discovered anything( big or small) in their home lab? If so what was it?
23-7-2017 at 17:19
by: 100PercentChemistry
What are the fire and building codes?
What are the fire and building codes applicable for a home lab in the United States?
The only infor ...
15-7-2017 at 00:26
by: 100PercentChemistry
Blueprints for flammable cabinet?
Thanks for you help! I think I might try this one that I just found.
http://www.popularwoodworking. ...
2-7-2017 at 14:54
by: 100PercentChemistry
Blueprints for flammable cabinet?
I am looking to make my self a flammable cabinet. Does anyone have any guidelines? I have tried OSHA ...
1-7-2017 at 19:56
by: 100PercentChemistry
Mystery Glassware Identification Thread
Anyone know what this is? The clamps feel like tungsten.
9-4-2017 at 18:30
by: 100PercentChemistry
Preparation of sodium acetate (hot ice).
Nice video! Good luck on your channel.
6-9-2016 at 16:40
by: 100PercentChemistry
OpenChem science video template and guide
Thank you chemplayer. We will miss you while you are gone.
28-7-2016 at 18:50
by: 100PercentChemistry
Killing FLIES!!!! - Hunting them down for the slaughter!!!
Hairspray gun. Had the same problem with ants and thought I was about to make some complex poison. I ...
15-6-2016 at 04:03
by: 100PercentChemistry
Science bullcrap on TV
I was watching mythbusters and they did the sulfuric acid a sugar demo and listed the chemicals but ...
11-6-2016 at 11:55
by: 100PercentChemistry
diy incubator
I was thinking about making an incubator for some biology experiments. One method I saw had arduino. ...
5-6-2016 at 13:32
by: 100PercentChemistry
Broken Vigreux Column
Looks ok for safer things. Keep it just in case you ever have a use.
5-6-2016 at 13:27
by: 100PercentChemistry
It finally happened, the police showed up
I try to keep a lab notebook and some msds sheets. I also have saftey posters on the walls:D I would ...
30-5-2016 at 15:37
by: 100PercentChemistry
Chemicals with a strong smell
Thiol something. I remember from a video that a couple drops leaked and someone smelled it a mile aw ...
30-5-2016 at 09:34
by: 100PercentChemistry
Interesting test of how well you know your labware
76% I have to review some of the glassware
30-5-2016 at 09:29
by: 100PercentChemistry
How did you first come to this forum?
Saw someone on YouTube talking about it. Whenever I search xyz synthesis this comes up.
30-5-2016 at 09:11
by: 100PercentChemistry
Easy source or synthesis of formaldehyde
I've seen a couple of videos on YouTube like a copper coil or ketone lamp. At a beach suveneer shops ...
30-5-2016 at 09:10
by: 100PercentChemistry
Mine platinum from the dust next to highways
Sound like a lot of work but sounds fun!
I'm assuming it's from the converter or is it from the asp ...
30-5-2016 at 09:09
by: 100PercentChemistry
Trying a unsustainable reacrion. It's satisfying going through a long process and finally reaction y ...
26-5-2016 at 02:16
by: 100PercentChemistry
What are your desiccants?
I use annahydrous CaCl2 or NaOH.
25-5-2016 at 13:42
by: 100PercentChemistry
What are your desiccants?
I use annahydrous CaCl2 or NaOH.
25-5-2016 at 13:40
by: 100PercentChemistry
Hardware store solvents
Now if only phenol, aniline, benzene, and n- ...
22-5-2016 at 11:54
by: 100PercentChemistry
Acesodyne new ice pack chemical
According to Webster it can mean any drug that relieves pain.
21-5-2016 at 06:50
by: 100PercentChemistry
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