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Useful / Interesting Lab Manual
Isolation of natural compounds is my interest here. I just finished an extraction of quercetin from ...
11-6-2021 at 05:35
by: Aloesci
Choice of oxidants for tinder
If you want to get even more toxic, how about tinder with K2Cr207?
7-6-2021 at 22:59
by: Aloesci
Medicinal Compounds of Natural Origin
I finished my project on quercetin from onions! Made a video too:

7-6-2021 at 22:44
by: Aloesci
Lost 5 L HNO3 stored in HDPE Kanister
Well, that sucks.
Nitration usually uses sulfuric acid in conjunction with the nitric acid to gener ...
30-5-2021 at 07:34
by: Aloesci
Any use for broken/crushed quartz glass from tubes - or ULTRA high output UVC bulbs - 12-16KW/bulb?
Where i work the lab as a device which uses UV light to lure flies in before being zapped to death b ...
30-5-2021 at 07:17
by: Aloesci
cinnamomum camphora and questions
Are you looking to extract camphor from the wood?
Wikipedia has this to offer:

"Primitive stills ...
29-5-2021 at 23:32
by: Aloesci
Cooling drinks
Aussies where I lived in North Western Australia suprised me by saying that they sometimes put cloth ...
28-5-2021 at 06:41
by: Aloesci
Extracting Stevioside from Stevia
One paper describes using 200g dried leaves to 1L water.
They used increased pressure and temperatu ...
21-5-2021 at 02:58
by: Aloesci
Squash and Cordial?
In the Uk we call it squash (Rubena, vimto, Robinson's..etc) and Australia calls it cordial (Cottees ...
20-5-2021 at 22:56
by: Aloesci
Using fungus, fish or fish gills to reduce alcohols amd alkylamines
Would you want to 'reduce' the alcohols to alkanes or dehydrate them to alkenes? Not sure what is me ...
19-5-2021 at 03:21
by: Aloesci
H2SO4/ HNO3 mix on my hand
My Conc. Nitric acid yellow marks stayed on my hands for about two weeks!

I was kinda happy that ...
18-5-2021 at 03:59
by: Aloesci
Medicinal Compounds of Natural Origin
Thank you Mr. Rik!

Symboom, from some papers I've found online it looks like the compound Quercet ...
6-5-2021 at 13:00
by: Aloesci
Medicinal Compounds of Natural Origin
Fascinating post, thanks!

I have an idea now to try and obtain a histamine antagonist found in o ...
5-5-2021 at 11:59
by: Aloesci
What Fritted Disk Pore Size to Select for Filtrations?
My buchner funnels have sintered disks with a porosity of 'Grade 3' which means that it has pores 15 ...
3-5-2021 at 10:20
by: Aloesci
Medicinal Compounds of Natural Origin
I'm interested in pharmacology and I've been starting by extracting compounds from natural sources w ...
3-5-2021 at 09:49
by: Aloesci
Insulin from the Cod Fish
I love to think just how the conversation went when Mr Graham approached a bunch of fishermen and as ...
17-4-2021 at 22:41
by: Aloesci
Problem boiling down sulfuric acid
OP also mentioned the problem of the Sulfuric Acid / SO3? fumes which start to come off well before ...
2-4-2021 at 17:35
by: Aloesci
Nitric oxide/antiviral nose spray for COVID-19
I think this is a really quite interesting idea for a medical product. It has an active chemical rea ...
22-3-2021 at 16:12
by: Aloesci
Cold and Minty
If anyone is curious i managed to extract some very crude menthol from some mint, and i made a video ...
22-3-2021 at 14:08
by: Aloesci
Hello & Equipment Questions...
You might consider getting a Burette and Volumetric flask(s) to determine concentrations of acids an ...
12-3-2021 at 07:25
by: Aloesci
Condenser heating up during hydrosdistillation
Im not going to mention cooling and pumping your water because everyone else has, but i have this to ...
3-3-2021 at 08:16
by: Aloesci
Cold and Minty
Thanks Antigua, Fyndium and mackolol for the information about CaCl2! I have a bunch of it from some ...
2-3-2021 at 12:16
by: Aloesci
Future chemistry
I think that we will have good carbon capture technology to fix some of those problems in the future ...
2-3-2021 at 08:04
by: Aloesci
Cold and Minty
I'm experimenting with making some menthol crystals from peppermint oil I've distilled.
Industriall ...
2-3-2021 at 03:18
by: Aloesci
What is white spirit?
I live in the UK and I've also experienced the pure disappointment of searching a product label for ...
17-2-2021 at 15:21
by: Aloesci
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