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Getting the Last of the Toluene out of the Product
UC235 is correct. Shredded paraffin in a desiccator is very efficient for removing residual volatile ...
9-2-2018 at 19:03
by: AvBaeyer
Mel-Temp melting point apparatus
There is an e-bay seller offering a Mel-Temp unit for $30 + shipping which he says is good for parts ...
9-2-2018 at 18:59
by: AvBaeyer
Homogeneous catalysts in condensation, charge
Read the chapters in Organic Reactions vol 1 on the Knoevenagel and related reactions. The book is i ...
4-2-2018 at 19:56
by: AvBaeyer
Dehydrating SnCl4 * 5H2O
Sulaiman is quite correct. There is no practical way to convert the pentahydrate to the anhydrous ti ...
4-2-2018 at 19:50
by: AvBaeyer
Preparation of Succinic Acid

Oxidation of GABA with TCCA to give 3-cyanopropionic acid should work as you proposed - g ...
3-2-2018 at 19:31
by: AvBaeyer
Piperidine from the hydrolysis of piperine
Chemi Pharma,

The function of the KOH is to absorb the water. Sieves might work if there is not t ...
24-1-2018 at 19:28
by: AvBaeyer
Preparation of 1,4-Dibromobutane
Tetrahydrofuran can be converted directly to 1,4-dibromobutane. Here is a reference from my files:
19-1-2018 at 19:40
by: AvBaeyer
Piperidine from the hydrolysis of piperine
I hydrolyzed N-formylpiperidine with excess 6M HCl, then distilled the reaction solution to a syrupy ...
19-1-2018 at 19:15
by: AvBaeyer
Piperidine from the hydrolysis of piperine

Very nice piece of work. Well done and illustrated.

Piperidine distills as an azeotro ...
18-1-2018 at 16:58
by: AvBaeyer
DMT synthesis from indole and DMAE

Thanks for the interesting reference. There is a good deal of ancillary chemistry buried ...
12-1-2018 at 20:28
by: AvBaeyer
Book review...of sorts!

You should try to find the 4 volumes of "The Chemical Society Memorial Lectures." These ...
4-1-2018 at 21:22
by: AvBaeyer
Adventures in acetalization

This is a very nice piece of work with excellent documentation. Dimethyl acetals are n ...
4-1-2018 at 20:54
by: AvBaeyer
Schiffs base / imine with an amine salt?
The best practical way to efficiently form a Schiff base from ketones is to react the carbonyl compo ...
4-1-2018 at 20:40
by: AvBaeyer
Decarboxylation of amino acids (phenylalanine, tryptophan) in various solvents
I find this post lacking in enough detail to make it believable. I believe that it has been fairly w ...
3-1-2018 at 10:40
by: AvBaeyer
Reduction of methyl 3,4,5-trimethoxy benzoate using MeOH/NaBH4

I re-read your first post and if you did indeed get a 71% yield of your benzyl alcohol ...
15-12-2017 at 09:59
by: AvBaeyer
Grafting alkaloid producting plants to non-alkaloid producing plants - effect on production rate?
You raise an interesting question. What if the alkaloids are produced in the roots of a plant? Then ...
13-12-2017 at 18:54
by: AvBaeyer
Reduction of methyl 3,4,5-trimethoxy benzoate using MeOH/NaBH4
I do not think that the actual mechanism of ester reduction in the methanol-borohydride system is fu ...
13-12-2017 at 18:44
by: AvBaeyer
1,3 propanediol from D- panthenol
Just to make it clear, the acid component of D- panthenol is:

(2R)-2,4-Dihydroxy-3,3-dimethylbuta ...
9-12-2017 at 16:40
by: AvBaeyer
Preparation of methyl tosylate, safe methylating agent
If you have methanol and tosyl chloride why not just follow the Org Syn procedure described at the v ...
1-12-2017 at 19:16
by: AvBaeyer
CPK Molecular Model set for sale
I have a very large set of Harvard Apparatus CPK molecular models which I no longer use or need. Thi ...
27-11-2017 at 19:44
by: AvBaeyer
Preparation of Quinoline

Nice job!

If aniline is the contaminant, why not treat the mixture with acetic anhydr ...
24-11-2017 at 14:37
by: AvBaeyer
Ethyl Iodide
Saturated primary (eg ethanol) and secondary alcohols (eg isopropanol) are unaffected by aluminum tr ...
24-11-2017 at 14:32
by: AvBaeyer
Grad Student Tuition Waiver Taxation
Perhaps this is what "everyone should pay their fair share" looks like. Why should a grad student ge ...
22-11-2017 at 20:01
by: AvBaeyer
Preparation of SCl2

Nice experiment and write up, as usual. You continue to exceed expectations!


17-11-2017 at 20:19
by: AvBaeyer
Synthesis of dopamine from catechol
Isovannilin is synthesized by methylation of ethylvanillin then selective removal f the ethyl group ...
11-11-2017 at 22:12
by: AvBaeyer
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