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Glyoxal extraction from an OTC product
Some time ago I came across an OTC product that apparently contains glyoxal. It's some sort of clean ...
1-11-2023 at 05:00
by: BAV Chem
Acetic anhydride preparation

GB299342 looks interesting as sodium metaphosphates ...
9-4-2023 at 15:44
by: BAV Chem
unconventional sodium
Well that didn't work. Some traces of sodium are produced but it seems to quickly react with the for ...
25-7-2022 at 03:29
by: BAV Chem
Electrolysis of molten sodium formate
Reading through this thread there was at one point the idea of electrolyzing molten carboxylic acid ...
15-7-2022 at 12:19
by: BAV Chem
Synthesis Sodium Ferrocyanide?

As boffis already said you might want to check this out:
https://www.sciencemadness ...
13-7-2022 at 22:56
by: BAV Chem
Preparation of ionic nitrites
[rquote=674393&tid=77186&author=Antiswat]i did a run where i used 100ish mL of HNO3 and mayb ...
20-6-2022 at 02:54
by: BAV Chem
Synthesis of sodium thiocyanate.
Hello Boffis, I know I can actually order some thiocyanate on amazon rather easily but I'm still try ...
6-5-2022 at 16:00
by: BAV Chem
Thiocyanate from NaCN and sulfur
I'm currently trying to make thiocyanate by refluxing a solution of NaCN over sulfur. My cyanide is ...
30-4-2022 at 13:41
by: BAV Chem
A particularly bad week (or two)
So over the past two weeks I've somehow been very clumsy. :(
For one I made some nitrotetrazole ove ...
26-3-2022 at 01:56
by: BAV Chem
Preparation of ionic nitrites
It makes sense to run the reaction under alkaline conditions but doesn't that happen on its own with ...
18-3-2022 at 09:13
by: BAV Chem
Preparation of ionic nitrites
[rquote=672065&tid=77186&author=Lionel Spanner]I may well be very late to the party, but has ...
18-3-2022 at 00:10
by: BAV Chem
Nitrate reduction via starch
Over the past few weeks of playing around with this reaction I came up with the following procedure: ...
12-3-2022 at 08:22
by: BAV Chem
Reducing surface coating of CuO to metal
A hot solution of glucose and sodium hydroxide works for reducing Cu(I) oxide to Cu metal and it sho ...
24-2-2022 at 05:37
by: BAV Chem
OMG some people can still buy sodium nitrite on the internet
The stones of a lot of fruit release cyanide when metabolized. Enough to harm oneself. Are they gonn ...
23-2-2022 at 07:14
by: BAV Chem
How to make manganese dioxide electrodes

thats what happens if you run at high o ...
7-8-2021 at 08:15
by: BAV Chem
How to make manganese dioxide electrodes
That's exactly what I thought too but running any current through it with it as the anode only resul ...
1-8-2021 at 23:16
by: BAV Chem
Electrochemical etching of titanium using oxalic acid
Normally Ti is etched using HCl before depositing the MnO[sub]2[/sub]. However this method does use ...
1-8-2021 at 15:18
by: BAV Chem
Compilation: Synthetic routes to tetrazole compounds based on OTC materials.
I guess It would be worth trying out, however it might be quite dangerous to do. The filtrate might ...
26-7-2021 at 23:03
by: BAV Chem
Means of titrating calcium cyanamide
I've finally managed to make some calcium cyanamide a few days ago. However it's quite impure as it ...
4-7-2021 at 05:04
by: BAV Chem
How to make manganese dioxide electrodes
Alright, thanks. I guess I'm gonna get some GR1 titanium and try again.
30-5-2021 at 00:49
by: BAV Chem
MnO2 keeps flaking
I have already attempted making a working MnO2 on Ti (Grade 5) electrode twice now. However the coat ...
29-5-2021 at 02:56
by: BAV Chem

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