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What is this yellow stuff?
Agreed with what's been said already. Probably reduced to copper (I) and if food grade vinegar was ...
16-7-2021 at 17:20
by: BackyardScience2000
Chemicals & Glassware for Sale - Price Drop
Hey, how it goes? I'd like to inquire about getting a few things. Could you email me an updated li ...
16-7-2021 at 15:48
by: BackyardScience2000
Question: Red phosphorus purification
Red phosphorus is not illegal to sell in the US as long as you can guarantee that it is not being us ...
29-10-2020 at 07:10
by: BackyardScience2000
Experiment report: Iodine from KI, HCl, H2O2
Interesting. Thank you for being so thorough with your report. I also agree that antimony iodide i ...
11-10-2020 at 06:39
by: BackyardScience2000
Experiments with Cesium chloride?
I just want to throw out there that I was able to distill cesium metal with no inert atmosphere, at ...
2-5-2020 at 22:14
by: BackyardScience2000

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