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I looked around for awhile, I didn't really find a whole lot of anything for just the synthesis of i ...
20-4-2006 at 11:58
by: Beanspike
Oxidation of amines to nitro by KMnO4
I found this reaction in an advanced organic chem book.

R3CNH2 ---(KMnO4)--> R3CNO2

It s ...
19-4-2006 at 08:18
by: Beanspike
help me!!
Krypton, where did you find that? I've looked over the site a few times and can't find wha ...
6-5-2003 at 09:13
by: Beanspike
help me!!
I don't know about Greece... i just bought KNO3 from a local pharmacy/drugstore. oftentimes the ...
1-5-2003 at 13:14
by: Beanspike
and the second half...
So we find that it is possible to obtain Mg from epsom salt.... but what about sulfur? I can find ep ...
21-4-2003 at 00:46
by: Beanspike
Hello Deus
I think I may be able to shed some light on this.

"A covalent bond is one in which tw ...
17-4-2003 at 10:49
by: Beanspike
Would you be able to boil drain cleaner (the hefty kind with the bag around it covered with warnings ...
15-4-2003 at 21:57
by: Beanspike
Mg + h2o
Hey I'm on here to learn what I can... anything that causes me to think and look for answers is ...
8-4-2003 at 21:41
by: Beanspike
an idea
I thought of making a little device to capture hydrogen... I was thinking the reaction(h2so4+Mg, Al+ ...
8-4-2003 at 10:50
by: Beanspike
Mg + h2o
Thanks a bunch.

I took the fundamentals of chemistry last semester but unfortunately it was ...
7-4-2003 at 20:01
by: Beanspike
Mg + h2o
Hello friends, neighbors, chemists, and pyros:

While "playing" in my nice little ...
7-4-2003 at 16:43
by: Beanspike
Ammonium Nitrate and detonation
I see it mentioned on here sometimes... what is E&W?
4-4-2003 at 16:57
by: Beanspike
sciencemadness's future is uncertain

Right now I am not so gainfully unemployed otherwise i could be glad to help out in any ...
4-4-2003 at 16:08
by: Beanspike

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