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Quantitative analysis of ketones
Sodium nitroprusside combined with a strong base gives a red coloured product if applied to methyl ...
20-8-2020 at 13:07
by: Bonee
New chemicals for sale !
Another order quickly fulfilled by Mario, Thanks!
12-6-2020 at 12:02
by: Bonee
Mario is the man
Got my first order from mario without any problem, and I praise his excellent communication!
2-6-2020 at 23:41
by: Bonee
Mercury(II) nitrate volatility
[rquote=457471&tid=68092&author=woelen]The risk is none. A cold solution of mercury(II) nitr ...
11-8-2016 at 06:45
by: Bonee
Mercury(II) nitrate volatility
I know mercury nitrate sublimes when concentrated under heating, but in practicality how much is it ...
10-8-2016 at 23:54
by: Bonee
mir302/367 synthesis for IPSC generation
My greatest problem with biotechnology is that you need expensive equipment, although there has been ...
25-5-2015 at 13:41
by: Bonee
The best way to physically destroy an hard disk
Get a (big?) capacitor bank and a coil and when you need it blast the HDDs with an EMP
16-7-2014 at 04:28
by: Bonee
The least dangerous way to synthesize and (dry)store 2,4-DNP
I really second Bert on that you should do your reading,
but because you asked specifically;
i thi ...
9-4-2014 at 12:54
by: Bonee
Friedel-crafts acylation temperature question
no, not really, that's why i am curious
true that it may be easier to control a bigger batch with l ...
3-3-2014 at 03:09
by: Bonee
Friedel-crafts acylation temperature question
Is there any rationale lowering the temperature of a FC acylation to -70?
and doing it in a dry ice ...
3-3-2014 at 00:22
by: Bonee
Proper Ionic Strength for Nutrient Broth
I am not sure if ionic strength matters much
what I found out it can interfere with bacterial adhes ...
1-9-2013 at 01:13
by: Bonee
Electrolysis of potassium soap?
hmm did you even calculated the amount of potassium in the mix?
i think the molten mix catch fire e ...
20-2-2012 at 12:15
by: Bonee
burning carbohydrate and lipid?
excuse me for posting a wikipedia article, but what you asking is such low level knowledge, you shou ...
19-2-2012 at 01:57
by: Bonee

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