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How to clean a separatory funnel?
These are not the brushes I use but they are similar, being wire in the center you can bend them so ...
19-5-2019 at 19:48
by: BromicAcid
How to clean a separatory funnel?
Best is always elbow grease and a bottle brush. Second best is methanol and rock salt and swirling ...
19-5-2019 at 14:36
by: BromicAcid
Ethanol + Urea --> Ethyl carbamate?
I did some work on this forum years back making ethylene carbonate using ethylene glycol / urea. Th ...
29-4-2019 at 16:28
by: BromicAcid
Heating mantle temp question
It depends, if you are just heating a flask of liquid to some point below the boiling point and you ...
23-4-2019 at 20:36
by: BromicAcid
HCL in medicine
What hasn't been mentioned to this point is stability and control. Free alkaloids are prone to oxid ...
21-4-2019 at 11:44
by: BromicAcid
New to the forum, quick blurb about me
Welcome to the forum:

1) This works well enough, beginnings might have been a little better.

2 ...
13-4-2019 at 21:15
by: BromicAcid
Whoosh bottle experiment
I saw this done twice, both times were with the super-thick old time glass water jugs. At the time ...
8-4-2019 at 14:39
by: BromicAcid
Distillation problems using different diameter glassware.
Round and round we go. You want the column completely adiabatic if possible. Vacuum jacketed silve ...
5-4-2019 at 14:07
by: BromicAcid
chemical waste books
In industry waste treatment is usually handled by and outside facility within the US. That's becaus ...
2-4-2019 at 13:35
by: BromicAcid
Carbon disulfide synthesis (alternative routes)
There are whole mess of thiuram monosulfide and disulfides. Fungicides are the main use hence I men ...
31-3-2019 at 15:57
by: BromicAcid
Carbon disulfide synthesis (alternative routes)
Digging through the patent literature one of the methods that popped out to me was the reaction of h ...
31-3-2019 at 04:55
by: BromicAcid
Can't decide which pH meter to get...
The big thing is if you're trying to measure the pH of something darkly colored. In that case.

M ...
25-3-2019 at 17:27
by: BromicAcid
How to ask my professors for chemicals and equipment?
Hopefully you know your professors well enough that you can pick the best way to approach them. I n ...
10-3-2019 at 13:49
by: BromicAcid
Vacuum DIsitillation - Insulation is Necessary? (aluminium+glass wool)
What was the pot temp? Were you heating it directly with a hot plate? What was it resting on? My ...
9-3-2019 at 21:25
by: BromicAcid
Distillation: not reaching hydrobromic acid azeotrope temperature
Can you guarantee that you had your thermometer in the right position and that it is accurate at the ...
4-3-2019 at 15:39
by: BromicAcid
smaller rbf flask in larger heating mantle
Air is not a very good conductor of heat. If you're patient this isn't a problem but if you're not ...
3-2-2019 at 20:37
by: BromicAcid
Dezincification of gallium alloy
Distillation? There is a 1500°C difference in boiling points. With that much of a buffer it might ...
24-1-2019 at 21:48
by: BromicAcid
How to discover if something is made of Magnesium?
I used to know someone who worked in a scrap yard. I watched him sort a load of scrap one time. If ...
23-1-2019 at 14:39
by: BromicAcid
Do you think Tilt Switches are a viable way for the amateur chemist to obtain Mercury metal?
The first mercury I ever played with as a child was from the tilt switch in a broken house thermosta ...
19-1-2019 at 12:25
by: BromicAcid
Steel RBFs
I've seen steel flasks used in the past for distillation / preparation of pyrophoric materials to he ...
4-1-2019 at 21:14
by: BromicAcid
Filtering hydroxides, how to make them behave?
Charlie, the term you are thinking of is a flocculant.

@Σldritch - Filtering hydroxides is a not ...
29-12-2018 at 21:25
by: BromicAcid
Long term chemical storage
What is the total quantity? Obviously if you have a kg of material and you're losing 0.1 g/month th ...
25-12-2018 at 17:53
by: BromicAcid
Ebay and Packaging
Start an eBay case. Look at it from the sellers end, they probably think that their packaging confi ...
18-12-2018 at 13:20
by: BromicAcid
Post #2000 and an apology for accidentally deleting a thread
[rquote=562347&tid=112108&author=Melgar]This means that BotKilla has killed over 15,000 spam ...
13-12-2018 at 18:32
by: BromicAcid
Dimethylmercury cold storage?
The year was 2006, my university still kept a bottle of dimethyl mercury. The alternating stories w ...
12-12-2018 at 18:37
by: BromicAcid
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