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Do you think Tilt Switches are a viable way for the amateur chemist to obtain Mercury metal?
The first mercury I ever played with as a child was from the tilt switch in a broken house thermosta ...
19-1-2019 at 12:25
by: BromicAcid
Steel RBFs
I've seen steel flasks used in the past for distillation / preparation of pyrophoric materials to he ...
4-1-2019 at 21:14
by: BromicAcid
Filtering hydroxides, how to make them behave?
Charlie, the term you are thinking of is a flocculant.

@Σldritch - Filtering hydroxides is a not ...
29-12-2018 at 21:25
by: BromicAcid
Long term chemical storage
What is the total quantity? Obviously if you have a kg of material and you're losing 0.1 g/month th ...
25-12-2018 at 17:53
by: BromicAcid
Ebay and Packaging
Start an eBay case. Look at it from the sellers end, they probably think that their packaging confi ...
18-12-2018 at 13:20
by: BromicAcid
Post #2000 and an apology for accidentally deleting a thread
[rquote=562347&tid=112108&author=Melgar]This means that BotKilla has killed over 15,000 spam ...
13-12-2018 at 18:32
by: BromicAcid
Dimethylmercury cold storage?
The year was 2006, my university still kept a bottle of dimethyl mercury. The alternating stories w ...
12-12-2018 at 18:37
by: BromicAcid
Rusting from HCl Bottle
The rate of effusion of hydrogen chloride through the bottle and cap would be of an entirely differe ...
10-12-2018 at 14:03
by: BromicAcid
REMINDER: It's cold outside!
My most miserable experience was trying to condense chlorine when it was -36°C outside.
10-12-2018 at 13:40
by: BromicAcid
Rusting from HCl Bottle
Get a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, either repurposed or from a home improvement store (just a couple ...
9-12-2018 at 06:26
by: BromicAcid
working with drums
Get a faucet with the proper thread for the drum. Buy a dispensing drum truck. Connect the faucet. ...
25-11-2018 at 19:09
by: BromicAcid
BB code in signature textbox broke??
Likely intentionally sabotaged. It was decided a long time ago to remove shenanigans / avatars and ...
23-11-2018 at 13:52
by: BromicAcid
Lights flickering when hotplaet goes through heating cycle - anything I can do to stop this?
Get a different hot plate. I had this issue recently with a new space heater, warming up was not a ...
17-11-2018 at 20:40
by: BromicAcid
Loose ground glass?
No, there should not be any wobble in your joints, joints should fit snugly. Always use grease to p ...
2-11-2018 at 19:09
by: BromicAcid
Chemical anomalies in the public space.
Picric acid was used in a lot of formulations for its antibacterial properties. Storing under water ...
30-10-2018 at 18:54
by: BromicAcid
Borosilicate under pressure?
I've used Ace pressure tubes like these: ...
30-10-2018 at 03:47
by: BromicAcid
How do you draw benzene rings?
I draw separate bonds but make a point of changing their position in subsequent stages of the reacti ...
23-10-2018 at 18:41
by: BromicAcid
Breaking the vacuum gently
I usually have a adapter with stopcock on the pot connected to a nitrogen source that I use for init ...
19-10-2018 at 13:25
by: BromicAcid
Propane as an inert-gas
Use nitrogen?
18-10-2018 at 17:27
by: BromicAcid
Dehydrated (pyro) phosphoric acid can be substituted in some reactions / situations. Might be somet ...
17-10-2018 at 14:04
by: BromicAcid
A process to produce silvery thallium ampoules
Very cool, beautiful work.
15-10-2018 at 18:22
by: BromicAcid
How do you think the general public think of this forum?
I've met lots of people in my field over the years that I've mentioned this forum to. The usual res ...
14-10-2018 at 13:06
by: BromicAcid
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
In your previous post you mention an energetic reaction with water, do you figure this could be alum ...
26-9-2018 at 19:19
by: BromicAcid
Recrystalizations - are some fractions more pure?
Depends on what you are trying to get away from (more soluble or less soluble impurity). I've seen ...
23-9-2018 at 10:48
by: BromicAcid
Carburizing experiments
Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
18-9-2018 at 03:35
by: BromicAcid
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