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Vigreux column: 200mm vs. 300mm
To a first approximation, you might say the HETP (height equivalent to a theoretical plate) will be ...
12-10-2019 at 16:08
by: CharlieA
Storage containers
For most solids, I use peanut butter jars (PETE plastic). (I eat a lot of peanut butter.) I prefer g ...
12-10-2019 at 16:00
by: CharlieA
Denominator vs numerator - getting confused on which is which
@sodium stearate: right on!!!
5-10-2019 at 14:56
by: CharlieA
Who else is a chemistry major with a perilous future
First, I agree with hodges: the most important thing that you should learn in college is how to lear ...
5-10-2019 at 14:40
by: CharlieA
preparation of succinic anhydride
Very nice write up. And kudos to you for characterizing your product with a mp. This gives a lot of ...
4-10-2019 at 16:39
by: CharlieA
Mystery Glassware Identification Thread
Some possibilities come to mind:
1 - a seal to keep external air from entering the flask; you calle ...
3-10-2019 at 17:19
by: CharlieA
book review: Forensic Investigation of Clandestine Laboratories
Mayko, thanks for the insightful/thoughtful review. And thanks to Corrosive Joseph for the link. Now ...
21-9-2019 at 17:00
by: CharlieA
Setting Up an Amateur Lab
Robert Bruce Thompson and his wife also wrote "Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments." Never ...
18-9-2019 at 16:53
by: CharlieA
Setting Up an Amateur Lab
In setting up a lab, I've found Robert Bruce Thompson's "Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experim ...
17-9-2019 at 17:24
by: CharlieA
synthesis of anthranilic acid
Well, I just searched YouTube for "make anthranilic acid", and got more than half a dozen hits. I di ...
25-8-2019 at 16:12
by: CharlieA
How do you keep your lab notebook?
Five minutes googling laboratory notebooks will give a plethora of papers discussing this subject, i ...
22-8-2019 at 15:16
by: CharlieA
I filed my complaint with ebay following their procedure, and was all prepared to have to wait a cou ...
28-7-2019 at 16:41
by: CharlieA
Useful reference books in the lab
RedDwarf's favorites are good choices. I like Lange's "Handbook of Chemistry." I have the 15th editi ...
23-7-2019 at 15:38
by: CharlieA
Can MgSO4 be used as a drying agent for MeI?
I don't understand what dimethyl sulfate has to do with it?
Yes, anhydrous MgSO4 or anhydrous Na2SO ...
21-7-2019 at 16:55
by: CharlieA
Which number you like more: 1.99 vs 2.01?
If you are doing scientific calculations, it does not matter which you would prefer to occur. It onl ...
21-7-2019 at 16:33
by: CharlieA
Tired of reporting spam
Really great. New spam is being posted faster than I can delete it. Is there a macro to make reporti ...
21-7-2019 at 16:24
by: CharlieA
Mass and Weight
Sulaiman: ambitious and very worthwhile project. I remember how pleased I was when I learned to use ...
18-7-2019 at 16:31
by: CharlieA
How accurate are solution density measurements?
I have used a 10 ml Class A volumetric flask and a balance reading to 1 mg, with decent (for me, any ...
18-7-2019 at 16:09
by: CharlieA
Is there a graph/formula of temperature increase vs amount of H2SO4 added to water?
@Ubya: Bravo! Thanks for the pdf. I found it a good refresher for long forgotten information!
Charl ...
7-7-2019 at 17:45
by: CharlieA
I found that elemental boron is inert to this aggressive chemical bulldozer
[rquote=615606&tid=151239&author=Tsjerk]You would think that someone with over 1400 posts wo ...
18-6-2019 at 17:09
by: CharlieA
Collecting aquatic critters
Microscopists use a drop or so of 1.5% methylcellusolve to slow them down. I might try a drop of (di ...
10-6-2019 at 16:31
by: CharlieA
Pottery grade materials purity (NiO and K2Cr2O7)
If you know the manufacturer(s) of these compounds, perhaps you can get the MSDS/SDS for them to get ...
3-6-2019 at 17:04
by: CharlieA
The antidote to modern chemistry textbooks
Contemporary textbooks in chemistry seem have adopted the notion that “more is better”; the book ...
3-6-2019 at 17:00
by: CharlieA
Why can't thionyl chloride be used to chlorinate oxalic acid to oxalyl chloride?
Test for phosgene from my prior laboratory experience: it smells like new-mown hay. THIS IS NOT A RE ...
17-5-2019 at 13:07
by: CharlieA
Sulfur experiment ideas
Why is it that a chemistry teacher can't figure out what to do (safely; not too exotically) with the ...
17-5-2019 at 13:03
by: CharlieA
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