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Separation of NaCl and KCl
If you can procure any sodium cobaltinitrite (Na3Co(NO2)6), that can be used to seperate any potassi ...
27-8-2005 at 18:56
by: ChemicalBlackArts
Strange stuff... Sulphuric Acid
The dilution of concentrated (or nearly so) acids is often a very exothermic process. The addition o ...
27-8-2005 at 18:51
by: ChemicalBlackArts
Making Liquid Nitrogen
Or you could just go to a welding shop and buy it for 3 dollars per gallon. Just make sure you have ...
20-8-2005 at 23:20
by: ChemicalBlackArts
Disposal of mercury salts (hazardous waste in general).
Wellll, BaSO4 shouldn't exactly be dumped down the drain. The Ba2+ ion poses a significant envi ...
18-8-2005 at 10:00
by: ChemicalBlackArts
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
Pshhh, why make any allotrope of elemental phosphorus? Phosphorus is much better put to use in VX! C ...
18-8-2005 at 09:18
by: ChemicalBlackArts
Dry Chemical Sale
I must warn all of you that the American DoJ has taken a recent interest in, and has bee ...
17-8-2005 at 23:41
by: ChemicalBlackArts
How do I collect/store Hydrogen from NaOH+Al
My acquaintance, Dr. Stan Ovshinsky has created extremely effective and efficient hydrogen storage d ...
17-8-2005 at 23:34
by: ChemicalBlackArts
Beautiful! Al + Br2
As far as storing bromine(l) goes, vermiculite is excellent in extending reagent grade bromine' ...
17-8-2005 at 23:13
by: ChemicalBlackArts

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